I just love numbers.................on the way to heaven


A quick search of  Google reveals that 2,100,000,000 (2.1 billion English) people are categorised as  CHRISTIANS. For simplicity let us ignore 100,000,000 (one hundred million) and just  say  2 billion CHRISTIANS.  

 Every year,   1% of them depart this earth as a consequence  of both natural and un-natural  causes.  Accidents,   diseases,  childbirth,  starvation,  suicide,  murder,  earthquakes, floods, wars  and of course, old age.  That 1% represents 20 million people each year who go to meet their maker.  Now,  divide that number by the number of days in a year (omitting Sundays, the Sabbath  i.e. 300 days) and you find that  66,666 (spooky accident, honestly) CHRISTIANS die every day.  Now divide that number by the seconds in a day (86,400secs) and each person having arrived at the pearly gates has just  1.3secs in which to plead his case for all the sins, misdemeanours and errors accumulated over a lifetime. In my case,  65 years worth.  Now, whilst all this “discussion” is going on,   “God”  has still not to take his eye off  the remaining 1.9 billion CHRISTIANS who continue to transgress , committing sins on a minute by minute basis,  because this evidence  will be required when their  1.3 secs  arrives.  In addition, prayers are being offered at the rate of 150,000,000 every day and peaking at 2 billion on Sunday. Each prayer has to be analysed and either granted or rejected.  Which is why I calculated Sunday as a day off.  It’s a very busy routine day after day, month after month , century after century, epoch…etc etc.


  Or…………….perhaps there is another , simpler explanation. ;o)


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Comment by Natalie on May 31, 2011 at 10:40am
According to my old church time is not relevant to god. So this explanation of a schedule would be irrelevant to a christian. And if is did exist in then apparently when you die you get put in back of a really, really long line. After all you're dead, what's the rush? lol
Comment by Anthony Martin Page on May 31, 2011 at 11:36am

I did consider the queuing aspect, say by allotting each supplicant 30 secs. But then 46,000 per day would be added to the queue and then there's the problem with accommodation and meal times......so I left it.



Comment by Anthony Martin Page on May 31, 2011 at 11:47am


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