Yesterday at work I was working with a quiet, tired patient when in wheeled a guy in an electric wheelchair. He had come to visit the patient on the other side of the room. Before he got very far my patient pointed at him and bellowed, "I have NO sin!" The guy in the wheelchair looked a little aghast and backed out of the room without comment. I said to my patient, "What was that all about?" He said, "I was just messing with him." Although I felt bad for the gentleman who had been messed with, I could not help but laugh.

I later told one of my many Christian coworkers about it, and she said, "Maybe the world is going to end in December after all."  I don't know if she was offended by it.  I was hoping she would find it amusing.  I know Christians take their sin seriously though, and this is one of my huge problems with Christianity.  I know what they say, but I fail to see the logic in how a god's sacrifice of himself to himself redeems humankind's "sin" for all of eternity?  If I understand them correctly, and I am really trying to, I, a nonbeliever, am supposed to have faith that a guy who may have lived and died two thousand years ago caused himself to be brutally killed so that I will not suffer eternal separation from him because of, let's say, the entire decade of the 1980's?  I don't even remember half... er... some of it.  It is entirely baffling to me.  I keep trying to understand it but I can't help feeling like I must have missed something.  I was probably too busy sinning. 

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Comment by Strega on December 10, 2012 at 12:06pm

Why do Christians keep saying that Jesus was a blood sacrifice to appease God?  As far as I understood the story, humans crucified Jesus as a criminal.  As far as I understood the story, other people were also crucified (if indeed crucifixion actually existed at the time of the death of the Jesus figure - more recent evidence seems to be that it did not). Were they part of this blood sacrifice?  No, apparently their lives were just snuffed out as part of the judicial process of capital punishment.  What evidence is provided that supports the death of Jesus as being an Act of God?  It was an act of current society, as far as I can tell.

Comment by _Robert_ on December 10, 2012 at 7:59pm

O No, I Have No BEER! that is a sin!

Comment by Logicallunatic on December 11, 2012 at 2:52am

Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh Paul. I needed that. Please do more for my daily comic relief. 

Comment by Diane on December 11, 2012 at 6:34am

Yes, Paul, I understand the words you are saying but I just simply don"t agree.  I know that you say I am included in your scheme, but I do not consider myself to be.  I don't believe any part of it except for the part implying all humans are imperfect.  That part is painfully obvious.  

Now you'll probably say that unless I believe and accept Jesus as my personal lord and savior I will be separated from your deity for all eternity.  It is alright.  I am already separated because I do not believe.  I appreciate your effort to help me understand but I'm afraid I remain unconvinced..

Comment by _Robert_ on December 11, 2012 at 7:46am

Jesus is 100% human AND 100% God.

Therefore God is 100% Jesus. Jesus is 100% human, therefore God is 100% human.

Comment by Emperor Milos on December 11, 2012 at 9:08am
Jesus is 100% human AND 100% God.

And 200% fictional.

The bible says that we are sinners, as in, everything we do is sin.

So, if everything we do is a sin, your believing in god is a sin too. Interesting.

So, God's wrath is now on us because we are his enemy - he has every right to destroy us, and he should destroy us.  BUT, God also loves us, so he is patient.  Our sinfulness must be paid for.

Stockholm Syndrome much? This is one of the many problems with religion. We are supposed to grovel and beg for forgiveness for something we never did, and that never even happened. We are supposed to love a faceless dictator that hates us, calls us his enemy, wants to make us suffer forever, just because we disagree, but "loves us." No, thank you.

God credits us with Jesus' sinless life, when he looks at someone who believes, he sees a man who has never sinned.

I'm sure all those people who kill their kids because god tells them, or because they didn't memorize the bible well enough, will be glad to hear this. Also, Hitler.



Comment by James Cox on December 11, 2012 at 11:09am

"If you do not believe, you are still under God's wrath."

Gosh, so I am a sinner for having a reasonable conclusion, from experience and understanding that 'God' does not exist, using this wonderful piece of hardware, my brain, that 'God' has supposidly created to be used. If I don't use, my brain, is this a sin also? If I come to the 'wrong' conclusion, while using, my brain, I am also a sinner? If using my brain, or coming to the 'wrong' conclusion, makes me a sinner, then why did 'God' go to all this trouble? Oh sorry, that is also a sin, to ask that question? I say to hell with the whole pile of theist DUDU.

Why am I up at 8am thinking about this crap, now that could be a sin!   

Comment by Skip Sanders on December 11, 2012 at 3:01pm
So basically 5000 years ago there were two nudists that followed bad advice from a talking snake and now I have to accept that because of that i have this affliction diagnosed by people who self-invested themselves with the title of gods representatives, who would otherwise be considered unimportant village idiots? That's really dumb Paul.
Comment by Gallup's Mirror on December 11, 2012 at 4:45pm

So, God's wrath is now on us because we are his enemy - he has every right to destroy us, and he should destroy us.  

God is the one being destroyed. Consider the many discoveries science has revealed to humanity. Meteorology. Astrophysics. Chemistry. Agriculture. Immunology. Trigonometry. Geology. The list is too extensive to include here.

Once, God was the explanation for plague. Then science discovered microorganisms. God vanished.  

Once, God was the explanation for earthquakes, mountains, and volcanoes. Then science discovered plate tectonics. God vanished.

We could list literally millions of examples. Lightning. Stars. Pregnancy. Headaches. Ocean tides. It's always the same. First we're ignorant so God did it. Then we learn how it works and God disappears.

What new discovery has religion produced in the last ten years? How about in the last hundred years? Or in the last thousand?  Can you name even a single example?

God is not an explanation. God is a feeble excuse for not having any. God is ignorance. Every time our ignorance of nature vanishes, that much more of God is destroyed. 
I wish God would die a quick death instead of a slow one. But either way, he's dying. It's delightful to witness the process in action. 

Comment by Diane on December 11, 2012 at 6:35pm

I am thinking people were not overfond of Paul's explanation.  This is a tough audience Paul.  You'll have to do better than that.


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