I give blood because I am good without <insert deity>

I give blood because I want to help other humans.  Not many people know that some types of cancer require a patient to have a full blood transfusions.  In years before my decision to give blood, I would join the 10k Cancer Research run (apply here) to raise money for treatments and research.  The problem with repeating fund raisers is that friends and family only have a select amount of money to give, especially in today's economics.  Some people also avoid being asked for money as well as the awkwardness of chasing people for the money in the first place!

Giving blood in free! (in the UK it is - www.blood.co.uk).  For my American friends - read this.

All I have to do is sit in a chair, stretch my arm out and the nurse does the rest.  In fact, I sit there reading a book or the TA website.  Afterwards, you are given tea/juice and a good selection of biscuits.  Happy days!

Scientific research by humans has allowed this magical process to happen....not religion!  If we had put our faith in a deity to save us, we would truly be dead.  Science and the human mind have created an opportunity that no religion could ever make.  Science saves lives!  If you are interested in knowing the science behind blood donation, please click here and HowStuffWorks will do the rest.

Now, religious folk would say an Atheist is unable to do good.  I am not keen on needles (I go a bit white) but I choose to help others.  Does that really make me evil?  I hope not.

Please, please, please donate blood.  The rewards of saving someone's life is truly priceless.  Do it the name of science, not the name of some fantasy in a silly old book.

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