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I don’t know all the answers. No human does; that is why I keep asking the hard questions. My blog’s on diet certainly caused a storm of debate. The evidence that I found on animal and human physiology appeared to be very clear on comparative anatomy of carnivores and herbivores. From "The Comparative Anatomy of Eating", by Milton R. Mills, MD. When examining the jaw and teeth structures, chemical analysis of saliva digestive enzymes, intestinal length, stomach digestive enzymes, stomach acidity levels, mastication verses swallowing, colon size shape and length, liver function, Kidney function and urine concentration levels, sharp claws verses flattened nails or blunt hooves his finding seem conclusive. Obviously he had put a lot of time and research in to his findings. In fact I have spent several days trying to find his research materials. As far as I can tell they are unavailable on line. Next I tried to research his findings for myself using the Internet. Most of the information was too vague to be of much use. If anyone can direct me to a scientific source for this information I would be grateful. My next step is to contact Milton R. Mills, MD. and see if he will send me his reference list.

I found his article and findings all over the Internet. The only place that I found anyone who disputed his finding were an article on “Second Opinion” were MacGregor R. Structure of the Meat Animals . The Technical Press Ltd. London, 1952 was the reference source. I will include a link at the end. With a little research I found that his anatomy of digestive tracts did not coincide with any of the university web sites information. There we a number of forums that I looked at that provided no scientific findings or research to back up their opposing arguments. Mostly emotional based comments.

As best as I can tell there is a real augment among the scientists, anthropologists, and biologists as to where humans find themselves in this debate of herbivore or carnivore. Most believe that humans are omnivore.

The best answer that I found was on Wiki Answers: It said that humans can be both carnivore or herbivore. It seems too simple but it is obvious that humans can survive and live on either plant diets alone, or diets containing plant and animal products. Which is best? The debate will rage on I am sure.

As of the last 16 years I have been a vegan. I was born into a vegetarian household. My father had turned vegetarian in 1937. My mother turned vegetarian in 1956 the year she married my father. My father died a few months before his 90th birthday. He had always been active and healthy with no signs of arthritis. He never needed to take any prescription drugs. Always remained slender, his blood pressure always stayed about 120/80 or less. He eventually died from complications related to a blood clot in his bladder.
My mother is 84 years young and still teaches dance twice a week. Her mind is sharp and clear; she is slender healthy and enjoys learning new things all the time.

From all that I have read and studied and experienced I am betting on my vegan lifestyle to keep me healthy, happy and active into a very old age. At present I am 53 years old with low blood pressure perfect body mass index and running the legs off of cyclists years younger than myself and I feel great. Both my doctor and I think veganism is working for me. I particularly like the fact that it reduces my impact on the environment.


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Comment by Dan on December 1, 2009 at 7:37pm
I just had a yummy steak sandwich.
Comment by Doug Reardon on December 1, 2009 at 7:38pm
I am glad it works for you. The lack of citations does concern me. And, btw, I had an aunt who was a vegan, she died of complications associated with diabetes (yes she was vegan before she was diagnosed with diabetes.)
Comment by Dave G on December 2, 2009 at 1:42am
(Quoted from my response to you in Misty's thread)

From what I found in a few minutes of googling, you're not finding any source material for this paper because it was not a scientific paper, but rather a column that Dr Mills wrote for a newspaper. I can't find any reference about any actual scientific research done on the topic by Dr Mills, although I freely admit that my skills at searching for such things are limited to using the normal indexes such as PubMed.

Incidentally, Dr Mills has, from my searches, zero published papers on any subject. From this, I gather that he is a doctor, not a scientist or researcher.

Another link you might be interested in perusing, by the vegetarian John McArdle, Ph.D, from a talk he gave on why humans are omnivores and the common myth about humans being naturally herbivores.


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