I love writing, it is in fact, my first love. It came along as I realized how terrible I am at art and how very tone deaf I truly am.

I can express myself better with written words than I can with spoken language. I have been told it is usually the other way around.

So I want to write a book about something. I don't want to write fiction because, well, I don't feel like mashing my words into whatever pop-garbage the best seller's list is  demanding. I want to write non-fiction.

I came across the following sentence while reading the most recent book by my favorite fiction author:

If you want to change a whole people, then you start with the girls. It stands to reason: they learn faster, and they pass on what they learn to their children.
— Felicity Beedle, in Terry Pratchett’s Snuff, p 196

It struck a chord in me, a chord that is usually only upset by the infuriating religious arguments of my mother and my idiot friend (I write about said idiot friend a lot, in case you haven't read my rants.)So I thought it required further contemplation.

Of course it came down to religion after all. In religion women are the most devout, they are the ones who pass their faith down to their children, they are the ones oppressed so they fear anything resembling equality among the sexes as invoking god's wrath. Women are the key to shaking this world's stranglehold on religion.

But let's get real here, the women strangled by religion aren't giving seminars at TED, they are being told that their place is in the home. One of my best friends went to Moody Bible college for four years to become a supportive wife in a xtian ministry.

Who are they going to turn to?

They've been frightened away from the works of Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer who all speak scientifically grand. The less scientifically inclined like Penn Gillete or Ricky Gervais, are generally aggressive comedic showmen who women don't really relate to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not belittling housewives, I know that there are other atheist women like me who are at home living homemaker lives. We aren't atheists because we're scientists, we're atheists because we don't believe in god.

I want to write a book directed at women about being an atheist.

Sort of Erma Bombeck meets Michael Shermer.

I think I may even have a working title:  Mrs. Infidel :Getting the Stain of Religion Out of your Moral Fabric

I'd love to hear opinions or suggestions.

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