I Wrote A Blog About The Kentucky Law That States That A Person Can Be Imprisoned For 12 Months For Not Believing In God.

And Two Things Crossed My Mind.

1: If I Am Thrown In Jail For 12 Months (or for any amount of time for that matter) For Simply Being An Atheist, When I Get Released (or IF i get released) I Am Still Going To Be An Atheist When I Walk Out Those Doors. I Am Not Gonna Worship God Or Praise Jesus At All. So What Are They Going To Do. Turn Me Around And Lock Me Back Up? I Mean, I Wouldn't Blame Anyone That Would Fake Belief, But I Know That I Wouldn't Do It. And It's The Same Tactic As Putting A Knife To Someone's Throat And Asking If They Are A Christian. Answer "Yes" And You Live, Answer "No" And You Die. Again Resorting To Fear To Get What They Want.

2: What If Instead Of Being Imprisoned with Murderers, Rapists, And Thieves, These Megalomaniacs Send All Atheists And Non-Believers To A Sort Of Reservation Like How It Was Done To The Native Americans. That Way Our Non-Belief Doesn't Offend Them And Their Religion Doesn't Affect Us. I Know That This Is Not Possible, But A Town With No Churches, No Bibles, No People Going Door To Door Trying To Talk About Jesus, Schools Where Science Is Taught Without The Intervention Of Religion...I Know That It Wouldn't Be A Perfect Place, But I Feel Like It Might Be Better Than What The US Is As A Whole. Heck, Montana Has A Low Population Density (maybe cause it's so far north) But I'm Pretty Sure If All Atheists And Non Believers Moved There, It Could Be A Pretty Wonderful Place. (wishful thinking, but a man can dream :)

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Comment by Marc on November 24, 2012 at 6:30pm
You put a knife to my throat and I'll recite the bible in Hebrew, and I don't speak Hebrew.

But similarly what is the recidivism rate of your typical inmate? For car thieves its about 79% so following your logic you put in a car thief you get out a car thief. The point being imprisionment is not much of a behavioral change for anybody let alone atheists, but I would bet many would start singing in the church choir if the alternative was jail, and then we'd be back to 100 years ago from a progress standpoint.

As far as point number 2. You gave me a vision of Escape From New York, disbelief style. In this one Snake Pliskon is a rogue atheist sent in to find and pull out the one believer that was mistakenly sentenced to New York, but thn they find out that he was a closet bible reader and they had to get him out before his brain was cracked by the atheists. He had a Gideon's handcuffed to him inside the briefcase. Stop me now please.

On the other hand Montana sounds nice too. I hope you get some interesting and valid responses after this garbage.

Off to the pub for a nice cask ale. Cheers Horacio.
Comment by onyango makagutu on November 25, 2012 at 12:57am

A man truly can dream

Comment by mohammed ibrahim on November 27, 2012 at 3:35pm
I don't want to add more to your anger, I will calm you down. I understand it, specially in the U.S. that shouldn't be there. Besides, doesn't it violate your rights?. In anycase, I am sending you this comment from inside a Saudi prison where I am serving a 24 months sentence under only suspicion of atheism. They couldn't even prove it, so they tried to frame me with anything. You want to get pissed off just because a law is written, that they probably can't really use? You are ok my friend. Hold a sign tomorrow in the heart of your state saying "I AM AN ATHEIST" and put their law to the test! Always remember we in a country like Saudi Arabia suffering far worse because of our beliefs. There feeling better ?
Comment by Emperor Milos on November 27, 2012 at 3:38pm

@ mohammed Ibrahim,

He might not be in your situation, but he has every reason to be pissed. Your situation had to start somewhere. The "law" that got you in prison had to start at one point.
How long until his state, or with the right president, the entire USA goes down the path that your country took.

Comment by mohammed ibrahim on November 27, 2012 at 3:56pm
How I see it? Never. Not a chance. Look at the big picture. I am predicting an openly Atheist president within the next 3 terms. I say openly because I think President Obama is hiding his Atheism.
Comment by Marc on November 27, 2012 at 4:12pm
Hang in there Mohammed, and I apreciate the fact that you are allowing me to feel very lucky right now.

Now, you mean to say that even though we never elected an openly atheist president and only one or two congress people, that every other elected representative or president in the history of my nation was a god fearing, temple/church/mosque attending believer?

Next you are going to say there is no Santa Claus. ;^)
Comment by Tiffany Willoughby on November 28, 2012 at 10:34am

that is total bullshit. we shouldnt be forced to believe in somebody elses imaginary friend.


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