Do people ever give thought to the titles they assume? You claim piety with the cross around your neck yet you watch your neighbor go hungry. You claim to be a conservative yet you reap the rewards of the liberal point of view, you should really claim to be the hypocrite you actually are.
If you claim to be a conservative and still drive the 39 dodge your granddad purchased new, still live in the two room tar paper shack he built with his own hands after he immigrated here from who knows where, still tend your garden and sow your seeds then I have the utmost respect for you and your way of life and your viewpoint. However, frantically searching for a bigger cross to wear around your neck than your neighbor makes you a hypocrite. Sporting fake nails, silicone tits, botox lips and liposuction hips while running your Navigator down the road with subsidized fuel in the tank then complaining the roads need to be repaired makes you a hypocrite, how do you think the roads get fixed? When you steady loophole yourself to a lower tax bracket then complain the system doesn`t work you`re a hypocrite. You are the kind of person that rapes a woman then calls her a whore. When you have forgotten that no more than 4 or 5 generations ago almost every family in this country can point to an immigrant in their family tree and you want to build an electric fence on the border you`re a hypocrite. The only thing a conservative conserves today is hate. We have an entire slice of our population clamoring about their freedom. Are you not free to be as ignorant as you wish? Free to teach your children outrageous stories as fact, free to hate anyone who thinks different, free to reap ALL of the rewards of science yet discount the very science that provided you with your I-pod, pad and phone you cannot live without. There is a word I am trying to remember, oh yea,
Seen a sign the other day in the yard of a cousin of mine that said “stand up for religious freedom” are you fucking kidding me? The simple facts that even the “free” should be able to understand are that to make that statement, put that stupid sign in your yard, means that your religious freedom is intact and functioning just fine. Can you say hypocrite? Not having religious freedom would be Iran, Syria where they shoot people in the street. So shut the fuck up about not having religious freedom. Stop confusing your freedom with your right to be as ignorant as you wish.
From what I remember from my failed indoctrination if Jesus is real and does come back none of you will recognize him because he was a liberal, he supposedly cared for the sick and poor…Can you say hypocrite?

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