How we get the labeled "angry atheists"

Sometimes, people get heated during a conversation. It could be about [the nonexistence] of god, abortion, eugenics, universal healthcare, or any other controversial subject but things can't turn sour at any given moment...


Last night, I was contacted by my best friend [who is Christian] who pointed me in the direction of a facebook conversation that had been taking place. Two of the people who were involved were friends of mine (we will call them J & N -N being a girl)


J had posted a fb status regarding the rapture- "Are all the Christians dead yet? The anticipation is killing me"

Which was followed by a nice, Christian girl who responded "Wow. Have some class."


From there, it was an all out attack against that girl and all Christian [who may or not believed in the Rapture].


The more I read, the more I became furious at the actions of my friends. As of a month ago, N was a closet atheist and I was the only one who knew. (Other than J-who is her hubby) I was unaware N was open about her atheism but I somehow feel responsible for her doing so. Reading the comments made by her and her husband, I felt like I had done a disservice by not teaching her more when I had the chance. 

I must also note the J is not an atheist...I'm really not sure where he sits but he's does hate religion...


Here's the link to the FB story. I hope it works...If so, read it and then you can just skip the following...


"hahahahahahahaa have fun beleiving your fairy tail... religion was formed as a way to give the uninformed and unadvanced people a way to have confort and a way to deal with the fear of not knowing what comes after death... and if any of you are basing your faith off of the king james bible then you are the most moronic of them all.. that version was almost completley rewrote for nothing more than political that time it was a way to control the population because back then... much as it is now... religion is a form of government a way to control the people... it is a ploy. and you all are stupid." -J


"Miss fat chelsea.. Ok u say u know ur religion well.. Now did u look do at the W.W.J.D bracelete when u cast judgement on him thats not a very christianly thing to do now is it??? See im not a christian its ok for me to look at u and judge!!! Hunny I grew up all thro high school goin to church.. Not reliezing how moronic it made me about the world around me.. Im no lost soul im finally free to us ur the lost one.. Oh and as for tomorrow we want come crying well come laughing!! Look and I hope u did the same thing as that other bitch ur offended delete urself.." -N


"And when all u stupid moron are woke up tomorrow because NOTHING happens don't come crying to us christians...I'll pray for your lost souls!and delete you" [C] 1/4 of the Christian comments made. I thought I'd post it because it just doesn't make any sense. 


"sweetie we kno what rapture means... and like a dumbass you haven't read the convo WE KNOW aaron commented that same ur really stupid u need to just stop commenting back to smarter people.... And ur christian opinions do NOT belong on a atheists page u are just askin to get embarrassed... we dont go and comment on ur page how god is one of our favorite fictional characters...what class you have to thro ur religion in my face...ME and my husband are enjoying our day very much thanks.. like i stated before DELETE URSELF if u dont wanna comtinue to be offended..."


The comment from the Christian is the ONLY time that "shoving of religion" was EVER posted. Hell, I wouldn't even call it that. I'd say it was an really bad attempt to jump into the conversation... I was saying above I felt responsible for N being out of the closet. I felt a moral obligation to speak up. After discussing with my best friend, I decided to go in gracefully, tactfully, and get straight to the point.


My response:


"I feel as if I need to post something here. It may just be the humanist in me but I'm actually quite shocked at the comments made by my fellow atheists here. Yes, we bitch and poke about the religious & their silly fairy tales and we talk about how they don't mimic the action of Jesus. However, I saw no "shoving of religion" until Chelsea poked her nose into the conversation. Though I will agree that she is undereducated, her words did not warrant the comments that followed. I would also like to add that this was in no way a form of debate. Everyone of you [excluding McKenzie and including Chelsea] used an ad hominem defense. ki/Ad_hominem

How I see it is, atheism isn't about attacking the religious. It's about helping them see through the delusion of their beliefs and educating them [Do you know how many people think evolution is bullshit?] We should be the more moral ones. We should be the more polite ones. In other words, be more "Christ" like than they are and show them who the better people are. 

Looking at it from their point of you, a Christian could say, "Hahaha, see that..look at all the angry atheists! See.. you CAN'T be a good person with[out] GOD in your life!""


The only response I received was from's kind of hard to decipher 

"Of course girl ur always welcome to ur opinion. We still love u...
And yes we did get a Lil assholish but then again.. I am an ass hole.... its my natural state. Compleatly seperate from my religious beliefs... I don't even consider myself atheist but I do harbor different beliefs than the avg person. But I am who I am. And I have found that living like I for suites me very well and an completely satisfied with my personality... it completely blocks moronic people from my life... and i enjoy that quite much. I oppologize I I offended the intelligent people I my life ... of course u are included in this grouping Alisha... LOL I'm just saying... I've been an ass hole my entire life and the above said have known me for some time now and should have know what they were getting them selves into... at least kenzie is smart enough to hold up her end... and I respect her for it. It takes some guts and some brains to say what she said"


My final response & the conversation ender:

"I totally respect your right to be an asshole but may I suggest a better way? Keep your friend close but your enemy closer. If you really want to get under the skin of a Christian, turn their 'Word' around on them. Point at the nonsense found in the Bible..Point out the fallacies in their arguments...and point out any hypocritical thing you see with a rational approach. In my opinion, a logical approach (which is what got you to the point you are today) is much better than any sort of attack. The real asshole [in the mind's of a Christian] is the one who plants the seeds of doubt. 

Thanks for putting me in the intelligent group of friends! [+1 for Alisha's ego.] 

P.S. I know a little bit about religion, belief systems and yada yada yada... if you want, maybe I can help you sort yours out and see where you sit in the spectrum, so to speak. :)"


I hope they learned something from me and consider changing their attitudes. It's conversations like these that stereotype us into something [most of us] are not.

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Comment by anti_supernaturalist on May 22, 2011 at 3:05pm


why xians hate doubt -- they fear the courage to doubt


According to Danish protestant theologian, Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), xian practice demands subordination. Turning away from an alleged xian message implies not just doubt, but rebellion against “God”:

“They would have us believe that objections against Christianity come from doubt. This is always a misunderstanding. Objections against Christianity come from insubordination, unwillingness to obey, rebellion against all authority. Therefore, they have been beating the air against the objectors, because they have fought intellectually [against] doubt, instead of fighting ethically [against] rebellion. . . .So it is not properly doubt but insubordination.” (Lowrie 122)

Exalting in irrationalism, a xian assault on freedom begins with Saul of Tarsus (pseudonym ‘Paul’ fl 50-65 CE). Preaching a little known doctrine of resurrection already present in judaism as a new truth of which he was now (subjectively) certain, Paul was laughed at by Epicurean and Stoic philosophers in the Agora of Athens. (Acts17:18 NIV)

P/Saul created a hellenistic christ-cult. He was a mentally ill (hysteric) jewish zealot whose morally diseased god is himself writ large:

Brothers [sic], think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are…1Cor1:26-28 NIV.

We xians will "nullify the things that are." We stink, but stinking is godly.

Ultimately what turns one against “God” is not good reason, but a good nose.

the anti_supernaturalist


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