How we can and should eventually be stronger than God if he exists

Contrary to popular belief that God is... no man can out do God... once upon a time if you wanted it to rain you had to talk to some God, today you have to talk to some guy with chemicals in his planes. Some time ago if someone was sick apart from some weird looking guy aka witch, God was the only other LEGITIMATE option to getting cured. Today doctors are not the only option, you can research for yourself not to mention the more many option that comes with money. I wont go with the story money is the root of the problem as the churches suggest, as I told my annoying believer friend if that's the case I am going to be modest enough to deny the church of all the money I can and keep evil out of the holy place.

That's not the case though so back to how I/we can be stronger than God, it's possible I assure you.

Now every thing evolves, our primordial ancestors were not to smart, if life forms ceased to exist at their time and given enough time earth would look like Mars and on first look a desolate planet, however if for example some form of catastrophe killed all lifeforms there will remain evidence there was life, it's very popular in that Resident Evil alone in a place scenario. We are growing more and more powerful and to update those who don't know;

1.      No physical law prevents time travel, in principle we can do it but we don't yet know how to.

2.      In theory we can make a universe, it's also very well accepted that a NOT SO ADVANCED civilization can do this, in an ironic twist what we call God might be a kid who long forgot us, going with biological immortality with a make it yourself science kit.

The fact is no part of the bible suggests God is growing anymore powerful, he's the same yesterday today and forever statement. However we are growing stronger in a curve that doubles every year based on Moore's law that in 2035 it's probable to say thinking computers will be the norm can't wait for that! So my point is we are growing more and more powerful and capable of creating and destroying a universe is at the top of my list of super civilization which I am looking forward to be part of if it's true we are at the brink of technological immortality and I'm 20 years old so I've got about 60 years to wait for this.

There's a link to how civilizations will go and HERE'S THE LINK, once you've watched it you'll soon see we are soon to be Gods, and long before we are toe to toe with God, a minimum of billions of demi-gods still sounds scary so as far as I can tell the longer time goes the more probable for me to say God to us will be as powerful as a caveman. It's not unusual for the creation to outdo the creator, the AI should outdo humans if we don't upgrade ourselves, they have a higher growth rate than us so in no time (a few years) they're better than us, guess AI's will be better than God before we do. Given for us humans the last few hundred years of technological advancement made us this powerful, a few million years of human technology will make us very God like, we cant fully comprehend what the technology will be like in 100 years and we sure envy them.

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Comment by Chef Craig on March 5, 2011 at 3:57am
dude by the time your 60 u wont know a damn thing about the self-thinking would be like handing your grandfather an ipad lol...but im glad you touched on the ability to relize that time travel doesnt contradict  our laws of physics as we know it because unfortunately not enough ppl know about this
Comment by Chef Craig on March 5, 2011 at 4:02am

any theories about what started the big bang?


Comment by Freek on March 6, 2011 at 8:08am

Off Topic: Chef Craig, even if time travel (backwards) doesn't contradict laws of physics, doesn't it also disrupt itself due to cumulative chaos effect?

On Topic: The fact that we can now do so many things that used to belong solely to a god makes it each time more unlikely that there actually is a god. The moment we are stronger/better than any god in any way, we have pretty much proven that a god does not exist.

Comment by Doubting Thomas on March 7, 2011 at 1:44am

to the first post on what might have started the big bang... I can't tell but I guess the cosmos and the universe as a bubble with the many possible types of universes, we are the one that landed with the right conditions for our life, now that's if the multiverse theory is correct which I think it is but it's still under critism.

My own idea however if the multiverse is wrong is to think of space which was never created filled with pent up energy like a bottle being sucked to a vacuum therefore having energy trying to bring everything to it's center, since that didn't happen the other option is at the epicenter an equalizer as the big bang with E=MC turns to matter and we have a universe, it's just my idea.

Comment by Doubting Thomas on March 7, 2011 at 1:50am
to the post on whether time travel is possible backward, the chaos itself shouldn't be evidence it doesn't work, the chaos theory exists and the quantum way of unpredictable yet things continue, even if the two of you touch and explode time travel has still been accomplished. considering the relativity where two events are right (a person at rest and the other at motion experience two contradictory things and weird enough the answer to who is right is both are right!) time travel might be a copy of this with the paradox of how can you stop yourself without preventing the time travel itself and collapsing the equation, maybe both will happen and you'll still have stopped yourself like the relativity. as i came to know i need some equations to support things like this, if i ever become a math wizard i'll be sure to wow you.
Comment by Freek on March 7, 2011 at 2:44am

Well, that made time travel just a lot more confusing :)

So you are saying that once the time travel has been initiated, that although the effects may be negated, time travel has still occurred, hence time travel is possible?

One the second question in the OP: if we (or an advanced civilization) were to create another universe, would we then be extra-universal to that universe? And could we be called supernatural to that universe (supposing that the laws of physics are different)?

Comment by Hope on March 7, 2011 at 5:43am
Interesting post...thanks for sharing.
Comment by Doubting Thomas on March 7, 2011 at 9:13am
there will be a conflict, that means something will happen, for example i can and here's a link to a guy trying to make time travel for subatomic particles
if the link doesnt work to you tube browse 'time travel' and the fourth clip of a black guy with a moustache, you'll get the idea i can send a particle back in time for example a piece of rock through time to mars where they dont conflict, the trick is we want to conflict... get it, it can be done but how to get the desired results from the conflict is the tricky part.

as for making another universe i've hard in one and another science show in theory it's possible, i have no idea how and for now not that interested, but please tell me what you find if you do, extra-universal depends on where we create in outside or inside our universe, as the multiverse theory suggest; universe merge and separate like yeast, as for supernatural, more like transhuman powerful, the whole fifth dimension super being story i dont know.


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