How one Bible story (NOAHS ARK) proves the Bible is full of crap.. and why the heck is it so popular among kids?

While often thought of as a "Children's Story", this is far from it. Loaded with contradictions to what we have been told about God, this story raises some interesting questions.

Warning – this view might disturb some readers, but please read the full article to understand to context of the points being made before jumping to conclusion.

The well known story of Noah's Ark is often listed as a favorite, and often considered as not only a Bible story, but as a children's story too. However, if we take it in its' literal form, this story is also riddled with contradictions to what other areas of the Bible tell us about God, namely that God is benevolent and all knowing.

The story takes place long before the time of Christ. God looks upon the world and is disgusted with the way people are behaving, so he decides not only to punish them, but actually kill the majority of the human and animal population on the Earth.

One man, Noah, is instructed to build an Ark, essentially a big ship, to carry his family, food, and some animals onward to survive the coming flood. So Noah built the ship and gathered two of each species of animals, some versions say the animals came to him, those facts are minute.

Then the rains came, sweeping the Ark away and on to safety, perhaps a metaphor for salvation. In the mean time millions of people drowned, millions of animals too. The sea must have been swarming with bloated bodies. According to the story, the people were all “evil” and deserved to die, according to God. However, it is doubtful that all the mice, dogs, and camels were equally so evil. Tellers of this story seem to quickly skirt over or around all the death that occurred in this story, and children often see themselves as “Noah saving some of the animals”, rather than as “Noah watching millions die”.

At the height of the flood, the Bible reports that “God remembered Noah” and let the waters calm and recede. What the heck? He is God, how could he have “forgotten” Noah? Ah, but none the less, this is how the story is reported.

With the flood over, and the waters receded, Noah lets the animals out and God realizes he made a mistake, and vows never to do this again. God made a mistake? Say what? Another error in the story since God is not supposed to make mistakes. In fact if we back track God is supposed to be all seeing, and all knowing, so would he not have known the outcome of such a disaster?

In short this story is about God throwing a temper tantrum about his “creations” not acting in a way he would like, thus he destroys more than 99% of them, then regrets it. The God that we hear about is benevolent, so why such cruelty?
This is not written as an attack on God, rather I am hoping to show people that if you are going to tell a Bible story, tell the whole thing. Tell the bad, not just the good, or better yet, do not tell this story at all, because this particular story is full of contractions and actually paints God in a very bad light. Either God is benevolent, and all knowing, or, if we are to believe the Noah's Ark story, he is not.

Thus this story can be used to prove that we should not take things literally, because if we did, we would be forced to admit many contradictions. This is not a story of the salvation of one man and his family, it is the story of the loss of lives of millions of others, who seem to be forgotten. Nor is this a happy little childrens' story, although this is where we often see it most.

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Comment by Gina on November 21, 2008 at 1:23pm
hahahaha never thought about that Chris hahah thats funny!!! lol That made my day haha.


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