Everyone had a story that made them change their ways of thinking,beliefs or general ideologies. The same obviously went the same with me.. So I said before that I was born in a Muslim country with a Muslim family that made me believe in their god and religion... I was like them in every way until the beginning of the second year of high school.

So I used to go to school,attend class and go back home and study and start all over the second day...I do not really deal with people due to my social anxiety...but one day,a new girl came to our school..she was a foreign one, a girl from Asia...but she was older than me by 1 year so she was a senior high school student. I really wanted to talk to her just to know her better but I could not know how to start a conversation.

She was so mysterious, she was always alone...putting on her headphones,listening to music and reading in the library. she made me curious...Until one day and I went to her and started a conversation..At first she was unenthusiastic at all to talk to me,she was like that she wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible,but days had passed, she started talking with me more and more and more until she became a close friend of mine. One day, I asked her about her religion,she simply replied "I do not have one" and I was like "How are you alive without religion?" and I said things like "arent you afraid of hell?" she replied with a smile "hell is not where I will go because I never did anything bad" 

She started me questions to test my beliefs like "if you guys are the chosen ones,then how come your countries are the ones suffering from poverty,chaos,raping,sexual harassment and economic downfall?" I gave so many stupid arguments and talked about Gods will and things like that. She did not want to embarrass so she said that she does not want me to doubt my beliefs but she advised me to understand my religion well rather than inheriting it from the family like a mindless individual.

At first I was not convinced by her words and I thought that she wanted me to join the "evil atheists". However, I actually started reading for the first time about all religions and general beliefs. I started to gradually understand that non Muslims are not bad at all... in fact,most of the people who made an impact and changed humanity were non Muslims like Einstein,Newton,Max Planck,Bernoulli, Stephen Hawking and many other celebrities who planted a smile on peoples faces.. I started to become an open minded Muslim or at least I tried to be..Time has passed and I found out that,being Muslim and open minded is not possible,even if someone pretended to be,that person wont be able to do so when it comes to situations that their relatives do something against his or her religion and will transform back into his/her original self.

my love towards my religion started fading day after day because of it's sexism,homophobia,hate on other religions,hell and torture threatening and other things like that..It was a hard decision to leave my religion because I got used of being a part of it since I was a little boy...but here I am, a free thinker...and about my friend,she traveled back to her home when she finished high school and we are still talking...she is a one wise girl and I would like to thank her for widening my mind. 

So basically I am not encouraging atheism or trying to insult religion,all I am trying to say is everyone is free to think as they like and everyone should know well their beliefs not just take them as they are..and everyone should be open minded by respecting other people regarding their beliefs,race,color and sexuality.    

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Comment by Jazmine Nicole Robertson on June 5, 2016 at 6:36pm

*Applauds* Good for you, I admire your determination. If people like you were around more imagine what we could do. Imagine the wars that could be avoided? Your words flew out of the screen ad made me smile. I love it. Never change if you don't want to. You are free. I hope you live to see your grandkids smile :)

Comment by proudAthiest on June 5, 2016 at 7:08pm
Thank you so much for your sweet words Jazmine! You sound like a very sweet person and I hope you be the happiest version of you :)
Comment by Jazmine Nicole Robertson on June 5, 2016 at 7:22pm

I am very happy thank you, I really like your blog and excuse my bluntness.. I hope you don't die. I really would love to meet you and I'd be very sad if you were to leave this world without sharing more with me. I want to hear everything you have to say :)

Comment by Daniel W. on June 6, 2016 at 10:10am

proudAtheist, that's a great story.  Everyone has their own path to reason, or to anything else.   I suspect there are usually many things that influence us along the way.  You found an excellent friend who was very wise - stating she did not want to doubt your beliefs but rather to understand them.  I so wish more people had approaches like that. 


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