How does god communicate with you?

How can anyone believe in the literal interpretation of Adam and Eve unless they are prepared to throw science and reason out of the window? It's mad enough that people think they have a relationship with god, the creator. Come on do you really think that the guy that made all this would want to talk to you or consider your pathetic prayers? Such arrogance.

This is my comment to the evangeilcal post on this blog. Where does this personal relationship with god come from? Adults are not supposed to have imaginary friends. How do they imagine it works? Is god able to communicate with every person on the planet simaeltaneously? Does he put his voice in peoples' heads or does he give them a 'sense' of what he wants them to do without actually speaking? Does a YouTube video pop up on their computer with a personal message from the saviour? Does he Twitter?

Does the one true god actually know about these new and innovative ways of reaching people? This is serious stuff yet he still relies on his devotees to get him more followers. This is pyramid selling and when the pyramid comes falling down, as usual, the head honcho is nowhere to be found.

People are going to die and go to hell because they never knew Jesus. If you have faith, it is your duty to preach and convert as many souls as possible to the way of the lord.

God will continue to do his bit by ................ erm ............. Well he must be doing something. Rapture? How much preparation does that need? Fixing the fault lines? Designing out congenital abnormalities? Setting up life on Alpha Centauri? Healing the odd person at Lourdes, getting his legal team together to defend Benny?

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Comment by Mario Rodgers on July 26, 2010 at 3:30pm
Delusion is a powerful force.
Comment by Phil on July 27, 2010 at 12:23pm
Indeed. I have argued on here with people who insist god communicates with them. The need to believe seems to be so strong in some people that they will construct their own reality just so that they can insulate themselves against people who might challenge them. Then they homeschool their kids and the whole lie is perpetuated for another generation. I call it child abuse.


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