I'm asking people who believe in souls.

One popular declaration is that a Soul is invoked when Sperm hits Egg to form Zygote. But really, says who? It's not in the bible or other ancient scripture, because those were written before science discovered sperm and egg... unless you feel you have the right to interpret scripture in a way that looks prophetic.

Or how about after, when zygote splits into two, to make identical twins? Does one soul now split into two, or do two new souls suddenly enter because God knew to hold back two souls until the moment of split?

Let's get murkier, as science becomes even more involved. How about in a future lab, when a skin cell can be turned into a zygote? Does God then come with a soul injection, because a big red "ZYGOTE!" sign upstairs automatically lights up?

How about when a zygote or fetus naturally aborts. Just say God did it, right? Or what if medicine saves the zygote or fetus before it was going to abort... does that red sign suddenly start flashing again?

Look further into the future, when science can produce a zygote from scratch, with no more than raw materials and a computer program that runs an embryo manufacturing assembly line?

So, is it ok to employ science and medicine to manipulate outcomes of life or death, or not? If not, let's just skip to the "God works in mysterious ways" belief, and close all hospitals, clinics, and drug stores right now.

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