Homosexuality is an unnatural choice.

It's an argument we've probably all heard before, that homosexuals are unnatural. This is completely false. In this blog I'll talk about what is and is not natural and why homosexuality is not a choice.

Everything we do is within nature. Humans have this idea that because we live in cities we are somehow above nature. This is false. We are just one species out of over a million others living on this blue marble we call Earth. Literally everything we do is natural because we do those things.

Just because something is not majority does not make it unnatural. Left handed people are perfectly normal, natural people even though they are a vast minority. The church used to disagree and would call these people evil and filthy, the same as curly haired people. We now not only know this to be untrue, but we consider the thought absurd as well. Notice how the church keeps up with social norms, as it must to stay relevant.

What about gays? The church certainly does not praise them, and even treat them as less than human. Is that melodramatic? No. If one group of people has less rights than another group then they are being treated as sub-human. And for what reason? Bottom line- for being different.

Homosexuality is not only natural because humans do it, but it's also found in what a lot of people would call "nature." The animal world, we like to exclude ourselves from this as well, also inhabits gay members. Homosexuality has been observed in many different species, including apes, dolphins, elephants, giraffes, lions, dragonflies, and over 1500 other species. One thousand five hundred. That seems to be common enough to call it natural to me.

Are all of these species sinners? Or could it be possible that it's not really up to them to decide what mate they desire. Which raises the question, is personal preference really something your god will judge you by even if you have absolutely no control of it?

Control. That word implies choice. When somebody chooses to make a bad decision it sure is a lot easier to hate them for what they do rather than hate somebody for something they cannot control. This is probably the reason for the common misconception that homosexuality is a choice- to make it easier to dislike them.

What's your favorite color? Favorite food? What about your favorite type of music? Do you enjoy watching action movies? Have you ever made a conscious decision to change your opinion on any of these things? I doubt it. I bet you've either liked blue more than green or vice versa, and there was no choice in the matter. I hate mushrooms. If I could choose to enjoy them I would because they are healthy for me. But I cannot make myself like them. It's not up to me; disliking mushrooms is just my personal preference.

Being gay is not any different. When did you make the decision to be straight? Probably never. I don't have any idea how people got the idea that being gay is a choice and I have no clue how it's such a widespread idea.

The United States has gone through two major civil rights movements, for black people and for women. It's incredible that we need to have another movement to give everybody their rights these days. But we do. People need to stand up for gays and start getting mad that they are being treated with less rights than everybody else. It astounds me that this is something people consider debatable. It will happen sooner or later. The only question is do you want to get used to the idea of gays being equal now, or do you want to become the old bigoted person who won't change his mind even though everyone knows his ideas are completely obsolete. Like our current old people are with blacks.

So the message here is a simple one. Get with the times and learn to accept others or be remembered as the narrow minded bigot not willing to accept change.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from reading this please share it.

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Comment by Ed on February 16, 2012 at 9:35pm

Homosexuality is not natural only in the sense that if our species adopted this sexual practice/preference exclusively it would ensure our eventual extinction. The sexual bonding of two same sex mammals is most common in homo sapiens. I believe the observed instances in lower order mammals is more an anomaly than anything. 

How do we explain the bi-sexual orientation of some individuals? Whether one is born gay or makes a conscious decision to engage that sexual lifestyle to me is irrelevant. The issue is one of freedom to be who you want to be and live with who you want to live with. Secular society should have no issues with people's lifestyle choices. Unfortunately in America the conservative religious right believe it is their duty to god to protest and even prevent through legislation such behavior. The wheels of change are moving faster in this area and I believe attitudes are changing. As an "old fogey" I am no longer guilty of being prejudicial towards members of the homosexual community. You can attribute my atheism to helping me "see the light."

Oh yeah, I LOVE mushrooms! 

Comment by JD Baggaley on February 16, 2012 at 11:02pm

Ed- I have a few problems with your first paragraph. That's the first time I've seen the definition of natural as "if our species adopted this sexual practice exclusively it would ensure our eventual extinction." I think when most people say natural they simply mean it goes on somewhere. By your definition masturbation would be unnatural, but how can something that's been observed by babies be considered unnatural? That's the most pure state of life; the least corrupt. Yet they have been known to reach for their package in a self-stimulating way. Also when you say it's mostly common in humans that's very irrelevant. So is the last sentence. Anomaly or not, it happens, thus making it natural.

And when you say it is their duty to god to protest and prevent such behavior... shouldn't people just mind their own business and let their god do the judging when they die?

Comment by Cave Nuggie on February 17, 2012 at 8:16pm

Well, there has been a civil rights movement for lesbian/gay/bi people.  What about for transgendered/intersexed people?  What has happened to gay people, gay people do to us!  Now, we need to fight for our rights against GAY PEOPLE!  It's unbelievable, but there it is.

I know it's not true with all of them, but there's enough of them like that to cause us problems, like it did when HRC wanted us cut out of the employment nondiscrimination act, so that it increased the chance of the bill being passed in their favor, hell with us.  I felt sold out, stabbed in the back.

Comment by Ed on February 17, 2012 at 11:19pm

@ JD

As I'm presently reading the Origin of Species perhaps natural was not the most appropriate tag. The vast majority of sexual relations in mammals is for procreation and heterosexual in nature. This heterosexual propensity ensures species survival. My meaning of natural would certainly not preclude the act of genital self manipulation. 

Homo sapiens AFAIK is the only species that has instances where homosexual behavior rules out all desire for sexual interaction with the opposite sex. In lower order mammals they might be observed engaging in homosexual activities but they will also always take an available opportunity to engage a receptive opposite sex partner. The instinct to breed and propagate is highly motivating. Thus ensuring species survival.

"And when you say it is their duty to god to protest and prevent such behavior... shouldn't people just mind their own business and let their god do the judging when they die?"

I can't answer that. Ask a theist. Minding their own business is not their strong suit.

Comment by JC Hamner on February 17, 2012 at 11:51pm

First off, great blog post, especially the last part, which I think is a great message to the extreme social right wingers. 
But I do have to pipe in with Cave, here... 

tl;dr This is about Civil Rights, not just gays.

Cave brings up a very salient point. I wouldn't put it as a movement against the gay movement, but it does go to show that gays and lesbians can be thoughtless and selfish just like the rest of society; they just happen to be a constituent that is still fighting for equal treatment, which is apparently the only reason some of them care about civil rights: Because it affects them personally.

There's a lot of unnecessary strife and division going on. People are losing sight of the real goal while trans and intersex  get marginalized or demonized by the very movement that they should all rights be a full and defining part of. The world needs to understand what these people go through, who they are and why they're people just like anyone else. The issue doesn't even make a blip on the radar of mainstream media, and it isn't helping that they're being fought by individuals trying to get their own rights. 

Straights, cisgendered folks need to help broaden the message, partly because they don't 'have a dog in the fight' as it were, and so they shouldn't have reason to get upset about internal squabbling. Please don't take this next part as anti-gay- I do as much pro-gay activism that I can (almost exclusively I admit, so I'm part of the problem, too) but gay men are the biggest and the loudest of the pack, and they should be using that to help the cause of others instead of always talking about themselves, which is the reason that gay marriage is the most I ever hear or talk about. I'm too young to know whether there was ever a similar schism between gays and lesbians in the early movement, but there are two terms to represent homosexuals in LGBT and Intersex isn't even in there or talked about. I know it's hard to make new names to define a movement, but that's hardly a fair representation, and there's no reason that new laws should have to be made after homosexuals gain first class citizen treatment because the LGBT movement didn't speak up for transgendered and intersex people when they were getting their own rights. 


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