Just curious if anyone else here has any fun or weird easter traditions. Or any other holidays for that matter. A couple of my atheist friends and I have a “7 deadly sin-a-thon”. Basically we try to commit all seven deadly sins over the easter weekend. We always begin by making a lamb cake, which is a cake that is the shape of a lamb. We use red cake so that when we cut the heart out it’s color appropriate. Then we proceed to eat a lot of food and drink, which takes care of most of the sins when we are drunk. All in good fun and humor.

When I was in college and we told a teacher of ours about our easter weekend and he told us “I looked into God’s plan this weekend and YOU weren’t in it”. He was only half kidding, but memorable nonetheless.  

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Comment by Sarah Emmaly Burgett on April 22, 2011 at 3:19pm
I'm unfortunately still forced to fake my Christianity and attend family get-togethers for every holiday. Your tradition sounds pretty fun haha I'd consider coming up with something like that but none of my friends are atheist so I'm screwed haha Have lots of fun for all the atheists like me who can't.. unless I'm the only one... haha
Comment by Tiago Martins on April 22, 2011 at 4:39pm
I know some guys that, usually on the Friday before Easter (aka today), they go to bars and try to pickup girls ONLY using resurrection related themes. Do believe some penis related jokes may be included...

Besides that, I kind of like a religious local tradition, where they burn a straw-man symbolizing Judas. Yes, it's stupid, but I there's something seeing a 4 meter tall pile of straw and cloth that I find amusing.
Comment by M on April 23, 2011 at 10:18pm
We celebrate Easter like the heathens we are!  We embrace the Easter bunny, hiding and finding eggs, and ingesting unnatural amounts of sugary sweets.  We just skip church, prayer, and all the ideology and symbolism that tends to go along with it.  We're purely commercial, baby.  :o)  And we get to spend time together and have fun.
Comment by enlightenmentisntsoscary on April 24, 2011 at 11:12pm
My kids get to spend Easter with their father since it's an important holiday to that side of their family. This (aside from worrying the crap out of me for their mental health) leaves me kidless for the Easter weekend. My boyfriend in I stayed in bed all day today watching banned from the bible on the history channel of all things and when we'd had our fill of Jesus talk we went for a walk on the river. It was so nice to be there and have the entire parkway to ourselves! When my kids came home this evening, I raided their candy baskets and listened to their tales of egg hunts and swimming and ham and pretty dresses. No mention of Jesus. Good. They have a healthy perspective on the holiday ;)
Comment by Brandon Cure on April 24, 2011 at 11:48pm

I don't do this ON easter. Thats the day that I usually get together with my family or the in-laws for food and all the things that M has pointed out.  The sin-a-thon is something a couple of my friends and I do. I'm just saying that it happens usually around easter. Maybe it's just my heathenistic ways.


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