the world watches Holmes

sit “dazed” in the courtroom,

with each mainstream media


churning out the sound bites

referencing his eyes & his

red hair---

the picture that goes viral is

of course the one that can

be likened most to something

out of Heath-Ledger-as-The-


visually answering questions

for the people at home,

because we all know that

individuals who dye their hair

red are megalomaniacs who

will more than likely, eventually,

inevitably, order bullet proof

clothing, a gas mask & 6, 000

rounds of ammo, with the

“calculated & deliberate”

intent to walk into a movie

theater & blast everyone into



and when every talking head

from Oates to Obama, comments

on the massacre, we watch them

stumble over the responsibility

that this culture has to own up to

when something like this happens---

rather, they weigh it all on the

shoulders of one red haired

young person, whilst hugging

the loved ones, the family of those

whose members were killed.


subtly inactive in regards to the

actual problem at hand,

mumbling things about finding

better ways to “take every step

possible to ensure the safety of

all of our people,” all the words

that flow from mr. hope & change’s

mouth add up to no actual veering from

the status quo in the future & the mum

mum hush hush gun industry knows

this, giving the big man a nod.


instead, we look with inspiring eyes at

Obama, when he tries to gain a

collective sense of sympathy from the

crowd, when remarking that “we may

never understand what leads anybody

to terrorize their fellow human beings

like this”…

and as we shake our heads &

hug ourselves, just hoping that such

violence never affects us directly,

or harms our own families/friends in such

a manner,

we all turn a blind eye to the people

that our military has massacred throughout

the more than 200 years that our country has

existed &

we turn a blind eye to the violence enacted

upon the citizen’s here at home, who have

suffered & continue to suffer

at the hands of the police & state


whilst the paranoid & terrified hicks

out in the middle of bumblefuck

no man’s land,

clench their rifles & their pistols,

never having been threatened by anyone,

anywhere, for any reason at all,

thinking that the whole world is out to

get them,

swearing that they will never move a

muscle in the direction of progress.    

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