Well I just joined think atheist so id like to tell you a bit about myself.

My story? I was born (Mumbai, India) -  became an atheist when i could reason - continued being an atheist in school and college (typical - Oh my gods! with 10 heads, rituals, idols, millions of gods, superstitions) - then took advice from my agnostic father "Know everything thing about what you are leaving to know why you are really leaving" - so i studied hinduism - then studied hindu philosophy - now i am an atheist, but with a little twist... lets just say I "evolved" from an atheist to an athiest hindu. NO i don't believe in hindu God or Gods, but believe in philosophies inherent in hinduism that are atheistic.

So an atheist hindu... is it possible? I believe so. I am one. And yes i know what an oxymoron is. Or how it makes no sense. Just like one cant be a married bachelor, or be a virgin mother. Oh wait... LOL that was easy.  

Do i know everything about being an atheist hindu? No. But i believe i am on the right track for myself.

I am not here to promote any religion or to rant and malign one. But i'm here to share and discuss a point of view about the schools of atheism in hinduism and my journey.

Feel free to inquire if you wish. I will write about my journey as soon as I can find time from work.

Thank You.

ps. English isn't my first language but ill try to keep it free from grammatical error.

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Comment by Kunal Srivastava on April 17, 2012 at 6:23am

Thank you Shay.

Here are some famous atheist hindus

Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister.

Amartya Sen - The Nobel laureate

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the president of Hindu Mahasabha.

Samkhya and Mimamsa are schools of Hindu philosophy that reject a creator-God. These are just 2. we have about 6 atheistic philosophies. some of them are known to have influenced Buddhism and Jainism.


Comment by Cristynfaye on April 17, 2012 at 8:13pm

I took a world religions class last semester and learned a bit about Hinduism.  It's funny that you say you are an atheist Hindu, because after learning about it, I see how Hinduism is like the atheist answer to religion.  It's a really fascinating concept, and one that I want to learn more about.  Not sure if I could ever fully believe it, but I do like to learn about it.


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