shrewd shrewd figurehead of the empire, mr. obama,

in wanting to keep the MEGALOMANIAC, mr. netanyahu





(he has been put off until 2013, conveniently being held at bay so that the

empire’s presidential election in november will not be disturbed),

offered as a bribe

(like giving catnip to a cat in order to keep it from jumping up on the counter &

clawing the family parakeet to bloody shreds),

the further arming of the already most advanced military power in the middle east,

swearing to add bunker-busting bombs to the already enormous $30 billion dollars that

is set to be given to Israel between 2009-2018---

isn’t it ironic that the country who gets more money from the empire

than all others on the planet combined,

is also the one whose trigger-happy nature

is most likely to start a nuclear war?

isn’t it just downright cute to see little brother throw a tantrum &

get some new toys to shut him up for a while,

kinda’ like when North Korea threw their “we’ve got a nuke” tantrum for a while

in order to get a big juicy aid package in exchange for bowing to the will of the empire---

so now,

as the Israeli government goes back to bombing Gaza &

illegally occupying Palestine,

we can all sit back in our chairs &

breathe a sigh of relief

because business as usual has been attained once again,

until 2013,

when the MEGALOMANIAC gets to try out his new toys.


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