As things are getting seemingly worse in Oklahoma, people are just lucky to be alive. The communities have to start over and rebuild and millions is going to have to go into these rebuilding projects. While some are offering prayers I can say without hesitation that everybody reading this thinks that's bogus. I'm calling BS on "sending prayers" to the victims. Prayers are not going to help anybody rebuild there lives. Now to my point, a few days ago a women named Rebecca Vitsmun was interviews by Wolf Blitzer for CNN and he very blatantly asked her if she thanked the lord for making the decision to leave her house, which was destroyed, with her 19 month old son and in a weird turn of events she very straight forwardly told him "I'm an atheist." "We're here and we don't blame anybody for thanking the lord" she added. After seeing this comedian and fellow atheist Doug Stanhope created an indiegogo campaign to raise money for this women and with a $50,000 goal, the campaign has comfortablely surpassed that. It makes me happy as an atheist to see what caring and generous people make up our community. So while the goal has been made, I still put in a donation. I put my money where my mouth is because I'm so out spoken and opposed to people "sending prayers" that don't do anything. I donated to a cause to help someone that needs it. If you would like to do the same here's the link to the indiegogo page.

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