Hello everyone ...


I feel I should introduce myself a little, even if I am not sure if anyone cares to read this.

Some facts first. I am an internet addicted female speciwoman, approaching my mid-30s (already! time flies!). I live in Germany, work in the IT dept of a larce telco company, have been together with my partner for a decade now and we have the most cutest kid son who just turned 1 in July.

Religion, and later Atheism, has always been as issue in my life. I had not been christened or anything, but my family was what I call "part time believers". I went to a catholic elementary school and there I learned to be an Agnostic. As a teenie I had my appendix taken out and became an Atheist.

Being an Atheist is getting a more and more important thing in my life. As I grow older I grow less tolerant towards believers, because I find it harder and harder to see the point and ignore the consequencies that it has on this earth. I don't have to tell you about all the big crimes in the name of a random God and of all the little crimes that will not make it into the news. Also, being a parent raises new questions. How can I make him strong to not become a lemming that just does what he is told cause it is the easier way?

I am glad to have found a place where I find some people that have the same views. In real life I sometimes feel like an alien. Most people I know are the common "part time believers". Some are rather Atheist but on a "I don't give a fuck" level. I am beyond discussing this issue with believers, it is a waste of time.


Well, I am out of here for now.


Tschüß! :o)



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Comment by Steff on September 19, 2011 at 6:00am

Oh yes I envy noone that lives in the bible belt. I have seen news coverage on Atheist that were hunted down by Christians. Something like this is unthinkable here! At least nowadays. Churches here are actually complaining that they are having less members every year, a trend that carries some hope. I am afraid though that people simply don't want to have to pay the money and leave church in favor of their balance.

Good luck with your boy, but apparently he is on the right track! :o)


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