Are you up there in heaven,
Are you down there in hell,
Are you stuck in the tree
in one of its cells?
Are you in the cool water,
are you stuck on the leaf,
are you begging Jimmy Swaggart
to “Leave me alone please!”
Are you stuck on the moon
while your hands grope the sun
has your penis found a black hole
do you whisper, “You’re the one!”
When they call to you “Help me!”
do you plunge in the deep,
or are you that forgetful one,
who falls fast asleep?
Are you there for the Chinese,
or the people of Mynamar,
will you be there for the Japanese,
or do they live out too far?
I have so many questions
for the myth in the sky.
I have so much hatred
and you know exactly why!
Keep this in mind, big boy
as you cause those cyclones
I don’t love you like them
and I’m not the only one!
I loathe what men have said
that’s caused all of this strife,
‘cause I’m not like the weak ones,
who need you in life.
I’m not as dumb as Lot,
nor quivering like Paul,
where did you get that misogynist?
You know, he’s your fault!
There’s no such thing as free will,
that’s been made, quite clear
we were born in to circumstance
we start off in fear.
So if you’re up there listening
with your mouth open wide,
come fix this big f@#$ing mess
or I’ll damn your dirty hide!
Until the last day I’ll scream
about the insanity of death
about the costliness of living
of the curse of your jest
Because every dark day living
you’re the cold watcher up there,
Preacher, Priest and Imam
has made living hard to bear.
Take your book, and go shove it
keep your priests off my sons
take your churches off of my block
reduce to ashes religious ones
There will be no peace with them,
they wage wars in your name,
you let them go on forever,
you’re playing some morbid game
I’ll not seek you in the cubby holes
I’ll not seek you in the west
I’ll not seek you in the universe
I’ll not seek you in my chest
I don’t need your constant suffering,
I don’t need your ugly lies
I don’t need your rules and regulations
I’m so sick of all these cries

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