When I first realized that there were different religions in the world, that was one thing that got me thinking about what I was told to believe. When I realized that there were many different genres of books in the library, I asked my mom what type the bible was. All I got was, "It's not a book, it's the bible". Any legit question I had about religion was met with a final answer where I dared not question any further. I'd asked what we were and all I got was, "we're protestants" as if that was all I needed to know. I have no real idea what that means and how that made me unique.
High school philosophy class was where I really came to think that religion was just based on mere belief: that there was such a thing as "religious philosophy" made me realize that belief and knowledge were 2 vastly different things and that the 2 get confused. Just because you believe something doesn't mean you know all you need to and that the stronger your belief, the more it seems like truth or knowledge. Other people's religious convictions hold just as true to them while they think of christianity as a belief. What was so much better about christianity? It was only the most popular and indoctrinated as far as I can remember. I remember not knowing the lord's prayer when I was the new kid, but nobody taught it to me and nobody needed to, for it was said so often that by the end of the year, I knew it. I still do.
In my twenties, I considered myself more of an atheist than an agnostic. I came out to a childhood friend of mine and her reaction was as if I'd joined a cult. Her reaction scarred me and I've rarely trusted anyone with coming out.
As the years progressed, I read some books, mainly, "Is God A Racist?" that I'd found in the library, "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets", "Classics of Free Thought" and a few others that drew me further into atheistic belief. I was so drawn to these types of books and unstimulated by anything religious that was suppose to be good for my "soul". I've even tried to read the bible, but I found it too ludicrous to even get through Genesis.
Anyway, since my dad has had a few seizures, he believes that he's a born again Christian. My mom believes that if you're not Jewish or Muslim, then you're a Christian. Since I do live with my parents, there's no way I'm going to come out to them. I'd rather lie than break their hearts, although I believe my younger brother is onto me. If anyone outs me, it'll be him and I'd be ostracized.
Anyway, I can't imagine becoming a believer again. I saw Julia Sweeney's interview with Craig Ferguson some time ago, even again on youtube, when Craig confessed that he use to be an atheist, but a dog at a crosswalk and its knowledge of the crosswalk sign convinced him that only god could guide that dog. If anyone else has seen this interview and correct me, please do so. The point is: his justification just seemed ridiculous and convinced me that there's no rational or sound reason to believe in god or any other gods, namely the most shoved-down-our-throats god that's being pimped out by believers and his flock. One can't help but get angry when surrounded by believers talking about it all the time, like being a vegan at a pig barbecue or a lesbian at a Chippendale's, or, well, you get my meaning.
Anyway, if anyone thinks I'm not "atheist" enough, go pick on someone else because I'm not interesting in proving myself to you for your own mischievousness.
Seriously, I'd rather exchange ideas than duke it out out of boredom.
If there's any other info you'd like from me, send me a message.

Yeah, I'm single, but I'm not looking at all, in any shape or form.

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Comment by Galen on April 8, 2010 at 5:51am
Anyway, if anyone thinks I'm not "atheist" enough, go pick on someone else because I'm not interesting in proving myself to you

I literally laughed out loud when I read that. My friend, you are not among believers. There is one and only one requirement to be called an atheist and that is that you do not believe there is a god or gods. There's no such things as not being atheist enough. You're confusing us with those religious nuts you left behind. If you don't believe in a god or gods, then you're all the atheist you're ever going to be and nobody here wants you to prove anything.

Welcome to T|A :)
Comment by Keith A. Szilagyi on April 8, 2010 at 9:44am
Hello Venus, as Galen said, there's no such thing a not being atheist enough. If you spend any amount of time here, you will find that there are agnostics as well as a few (brave people that they are) believers who join in on the conversation. I have found this to be a great forum for the exchange of ideas and in general associate with like minded people.

Comment by Apple on April 8, 2010 at 10:11am
This forum is filled with wonderful people. There is no need to be defensive here. Even when the core members disagree on some issue we are always able to talk about why we feel how we do in a calm, collected and rational way.

This is truly a great forum for discussion and I welcome you. ^_^
Comment by Chetan D on April 8, 2010 at 11:38am
Here's a few interesting links you might wanna show your dad once you do move out Venus:

This name of the scientist (neurologist) is Vilayanur Ramachandran- one of my personal favourites, in part because of his charismatic approach to explaining things and in part because he's just freaking smart!

God and the temporal lobe, Part 1:

Part 2:

Here's another video of him, sort of unrelated but still fascinating:

Welcome to think atheist. And don't be afraid to discuss, debate, etc.My blog post about Vegetarianism has a pretty heated debate but we're all respectful of each other.

Enjoy your time here!
Comment by Mercedes Anderson on April 8, 2010 at 2:44pm
Hi I was kind of experiencing the same thing you have a few months ago. I lived under my mom and grandparent and they were hardcore Christians. I stopped believing a year ago, but back in January, they figured it out through a series of unfortunate events. They basically told me I was stupid and that I was going to hell and blah blah blah. I eventually had to move out, not just because of the atheist thing, but other stuff too. My mom isn't a very good mom. Anyways, I'm glad you've found the truth like I have. I am glad I'm not alone out there :)

Stay strong!
Comment by James on April 8, 2010 at 11:23pm
Thanks for sharing Venus. It's always refreshing to see people opening their eyes to reason and not giving in to the indoctrination. This site has tons of great people and I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
Comment by Venus Lovejam on April 16, 2010 at 4:05pm
Thank you all! I rarely express my atheism so this feels like a good place to "blow my wad", so to speak. I've linked that Craig Ferguson/Julia Sweeney interview by editing my post, so it's easier to find for you all looking for it.


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