So this has been floating around in my head and wanted to get everyone’s input.  Christians are Christians because the ultimate prize is Heaven, no argument there.  Even if they say other reasons, the real reason is to avoid Hell and get to the pearly gates. 


Now as I understand it, in Heaven there is no pain, sin, sadness or anything negative.  Everything is happy, good and you spend eternity worshiping God because lets face it, he is awesome and demands to be worshiped (Insert Gir clip here “praise me, PRAISE ME!”).  So a Christian dies, gets the club pass and is in, now what?  Do they meet up with loved ones?  Yes, to be welcomed.  Do you spend your time relaxing?  Nope, unless it’s on a Sunday, which wouldn’t happen because Heaven is outside our scope of Time and Space (That whole one day to God is millions  here thing), that’s a sin: Sloth.  How about deciding how you want to spend your time? Nope, another sin: Selfishness.  They say you get your own mansion, but that doesn’t seem right, that would be material things and desiring that would be another sin: Greed.  So how talking about the good ol’ days with past friends and relatives? Nope, you will spend all your time worshiping God, plus “none of that will matter to you because you are in God’s presence and all you will want to do is be with him.” As I was told growing up.  Sex?  Nope, no body and ultimately another sin: Lust.  Well how about having free will and deciding what to do when not worshiping? Nope, that would give rise to sin, because choices can lead to sin, but there is no sin in Heaven.  Would we be Human still? Again No.  The Bible even states that we are all born sinners, and that to be a human is to be in sin.  So basically: No Free Will, No Humanity, No Desires, No Thought… Basically we will be nothing like who we were here on Earth, and we will become euphoric mindless worshiping drones (Rise of the Cybermen anyone?). 


So if we take away everything that makes us who we are…is that still living?  Much less “living” forever?  I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a short burst, live to the fullest and then disappear, than live for a short restrictive life, and then forever as a mindless drone.

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Comment by Patrick Scherr on August 2, 2011 at 5:21pm

It's not all its cracked up to be. Why would want to live eternally in a place with no sexual desires?

Comment by Cognizant Psyche on August 4, 2011 at 11:11am

@Carol Thank You. ^_^ I think I’ve heard those before as well, but then that theory has holes as well, for instance: Person A and Person B has been married for 15 years, and each have different friends, hobbies and desires.  Person A dies and their version of paradise is to live forever with Person B and have a paradise that embodies everything they love.  1st Flaw is Person B is still alive… How can they be there with Person A?  Ok so time is irrelevant and to each of their perspectives they get to heaven at the same time.  Now what if this is the case and Person B is stuck with Person A in their paradise.  Only problem is Person B hates Person A and everything that they like (they had a rough marriage but didn’t split cuz god said not to or for the kids or whatever).  So wouldn’t that be an eternal Hell for Person B (who was also a good Christian and gets into heaven)? Or let’s say that’s not the case and everyone is in their own dimensional space with copies of what and who they want.  Then in reality you would spend eternity by yourself with clones or shades living with you.  But then God is everywhere, so it’s just you and god and programs running.  And then it would just be an illusion and you will spend eternity in a simulated world with big brother with you at all times.

Like you (and everyone else) I don’t know what happens when we die, I think the screen goes black and that’s it, but who can know for sure?  My point is none of the other explanations I’ve heard thus far make any logical sense >_/p>


@ Patrick Exactly! Sounds like an eternal abstinence’s not all it’s cracked up to be... trust me, for 18 years I tried that, bleh.




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