health care fears rights and privileges

I was on the fence about some of the arguments over bleeding heart verses fiscal conservation, until I gave it some thought about what conditions would be like without enough health care. I think I scared myself.

Health care being a right or a privilege seems to be asking the wrong question. If you really think you live on an island that has no disease you’re delusional. Poor health in just 1 individual can lead to a few concerned individuals attempting to care for the ill, heartache for family members, financial strain for those involved, job loss, family breakups, transmitting infectious conditions, and other varied unfortunate results. Now, multiply that times millions, and what do you get?

You get very interesting results. There is now a strain of tuberculosis (TB) that is Totally Drug Resistant. From the report I read, this new TB has taken root in a country without effective health care, India. 12 cases of this new TB, last I read. Those folks were quarantined to keep the disease from spreading, but 1 person with this disease got out and is now spreading it. (And these 12 are just the ones they know about.) This is what happens when ill people are not treated for their conditions. Millions of people without proper health care are incubators of conditions that threaten all of us.

No amount of protecting your money from being stolen by the government will protect you from diseases that are totally resistant to any drug treatment. You get something like this TB, and you get locked away to protect the rest of the world from YOU. If a mob finds out about it, you may not even get that much care. You pay one way or the other.

Populations are growing all over the world. The number of people on earth is getting bigger. As the number of untreated sick people increase the risk becomes that much greater that you or I will catch one of these conditions.

I don’t have the answer to the question of rights and privileges of health, but denying health care as privilege or a right avoids the reality of what is going on. Health care appears to be a REQUIREMENT if we want to survive. 

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Comment by Mabel on January 19, 2012 at 11:55am

As far as health care being a right, that is up to the people to decide. It can be a right all it wants, but if the system to support universal health care is not set up correctly, things could end up worse than they are now.

I liked your interesting observation of why secured health care could be necessary to society. It is certainly something to think about.


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