Theists claim atheists believe in nothing, but on closer examination, it’s the theist who believes this life is nothing but a stopover for the next life - a non-material life spent in endless grovelling worship towards a monster in the clouds. Thinking this way devalues this life - the real and only one. 


Our brains have evolved to think faithfully. This may have served us well in the past, but now it's nothing but an unfortunate relic. With faith, there is no check system, no filter, so as a result, faith in nonsense gets through; everything is to be believed because it can be. In the sea of true and false claims, faith swims without care, without direction, eating up any old nonsense - the more absurd the more believable.


Supernatural faith is easy, far too easy. It provides a quick solution and a comforting one. But it's a false one. Faith is naive happiness in nothing; smiling at the non-existent. Faith is the enemy of reality. The enemy of life.  It destroys it with promises of eternal worship on pain of eternal hellfire. Faith is the great waste of life. A life spent worrying about nothing.


Faith is the greatest lie ever told; the lie that we don’t die, that we outlive our bodies. Faith is pure lunacy; a caveman's creation gone wild. The ultimate in self-aggrandising, in solipsism and egomania.


After thousands of years, believers have failed outright to come up with a positive solid defence of their god-belief. Atheists don't need to compromise anything. It's case closed.


Given all this, it's high time we had it our way for a change. That means being intolerant of nonsense and disrespectful of non-evidenced beliefs.  It means active mocking of bad ideas and magic thinking. It also means loving humanity and being proud of a natural world view.


Don't you think?












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Comment by Derek on June 24, 2011 at 11:36pm
That was a rant and a half, ha ha.


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