If a hindu drinks cow urine is haram.
If a muslim drinks camel urine is called an order from Prophet.
If a hindu kisses idols is called Idol worship which is a sin.
If a muslim kisses the black stone madely is called the holly kiss.
If a hindu performs seven rounds around the idol .. Haram Haram.
If a muslim performs seven rounds around The house of Allah is called Abrahamic Sunnah
If a hindu slaughters animal before idols ... Totally Haram
If a muslin slaughters animals on Eid Day .... Is called Abrahamic Sunnah
If Hanuman (Hindu God) flies with his monkey ... Lolzzzzz
If a prophet goes to sky with a wind horse ... SubhanAllah miracle.
If a hindu bows before hand made idol ... Sin sin sin
If a muslim bows before the hand made house of Allah is called Salah (Namaz).
If a hindu burns the Ravana's puppet ... Ignorance.
If a muslim throws stone towards a unseen Satan durin Hajj is called prophets Sunnah.
If a hindu has some sex maids is Haram haram haram.
If a muslim has some sex slaves is called a very islamic & beautiful sunnah of prophet.
Keep knowing Hindu religion is far older than Islam & both are having very simillar concepts.

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