will the Palestinian children of Gaza

who get sicker by the day

from drinking the polluted water

(caused by the Israeli government’s

Operation Cast Lead 2008-2009

bombing of Gaza, which obliterated

the sewage system there, subsequently

leaking poisonous anemia & cancer-

causing nitrate levels into the water

system, with a blockade still running

that keeps the people of Gaza from

having any access to clean water)


if they live to do so,

the FREE ELECTION in 2006

when Hamas was brought into the

government there,

making both Israel & it’s big brother

(whose attempt at overthrowing Hamas


just downright pissy?


will the Palestinian children of Gaza

who get sicker by the day,

remember the temper tantrums thrown

by big brother empire & its little arms

warehouse in the middle east

just because they didn’t get what they


(violating international law---

nothing new to either of them---

wrapping themselves around the tiny

strip of land in order to further strangle

the Palestinian people trying desperately

to survive there)?


how could they forget.

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