This topic would not be about any religion or beliefs. It is something I always wanted to discuss and this topic is happiness. I always asked a question to myself in all this life,does happiness exist? in most of the cases I see people posting pictures and comments on social media on how happy they are.....but in reality, they are not really happy....

It is sad when I discover such thing because I always hoped to be happy like those guys or girls I see on social media but in the end they are not really as happy as I thought. 

I used to follow a young female model on Facebook. She was so inspiring to me and she always posted pictures and posts of happiness,hope.dreams coming true and other inspiring things.One day I opened my account and found out...She took her own life away.........She was suffering from major depression and no one knew(only her family members)....I cried that day,I never cried for a celebrity before but she was so inspiring to me. Smiles,good looks,hopeful face,all turned out as being an illusion.....Not only her,millions of other people take away their lives regardless their financial capabilities,race or the place they are living in. I discovered that people can have all what it takes to be happy, yet they are not happy. Could it be? Happiness; the thing I always hoped for after I leave the place I am currently living in turns out being an illusion?

I was never happy because I suffer from major depressive disorder, but I want to ask everyone of you guys.Are you really happy? or are you just....alive?

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Comment by Simon Paynton on February 17, 2016 at 8:28am

@proudAtheist - that makes people happy :-)


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