Greg House M.D atheist & My creationist co-worker strategy

So I am hoping someone can clue me in on last night's episode of House. He was reading that book of sermons by his biological father, but please tell me, or atleast reassure me he is not losing his atheist touch. It would be a shame to have those right wing nuts at Fox telling the writers to make him more spiritual or it gets cancelled. Fox has been known to cancel some really good shows (anyone remember Firefly and Arrested Development?). Ok, so that may be a huge leap in logic, and I acknowledge that, but it was eerie the way he was trying to cover up the fact he was reading a book of sermons from his biological father, and finding excuses to not talk about it. I don't know, I won't get too paranoid about it.

In other news, my creationist co-worker is trying to prove to me that evolution is a lie because it said so in the book, "Of Moths and Men" a play on words from a Steinbeck novel and it is about the famous peppered moths experiment in England to show that moths did evolve into a different color based on the environment. I might have to look over and find the claim refutation and try to make sense of it. I hate having to use that as a crutch, but my specialty is not in biology, and I have reason to think he may be relying on his own recent knowledge of the books he has read as the only information that makes sense to him. He is starting to go down the road of "Grants tend to tell the researcher the results and to find the experiments that prove that result" conspiracy, and I am damn sure that when you do an experiment, someone will generally qualify or disqualify your results based on other replications. Not too many get passed along with out refutation. Cold fusion is a great example of science policing itself, and so was the claim made by Jan Hendrick Shon of Bell labs about organic transistors, which eventually was found to be fraudulent. All of this would not be a problem, but he has a (Masters?) degree in Entomology from Michigan State University, and his response was that other people in his department were the same way. This makes me think, what is the real purpose of a degree anyway? Well so far we have been very cordial and respectful of each other, I have noticed times when he was a bit condescending for example, "I used to think the same way you do" type response, as if my problem is being too naive, or I am too young to see the real issue and until I "Open My Eyes" I just wont understand. So I wont resort to those tactics and keep questioning him. Any help, or pointers?

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