our color of survival in this country

that which will outlast the empire

that which will give us hope again

is much more green than

anything else---

where 14 million (on the books) are

out of work,

where anger is at an all time high,

where the homeless population of

one american city has gone through the roof

(40,000+ & that is only the number of those

in shelters),

and so many others will follow.


with people camping out &


with everyone who has a pulse &

who is not part of the 1% controlling


at this point, having had quite enough---

the ball CAN start rolling again if we accept the


that is,

we can work on solving two problems with one



unless you lock yourself in an empty room,

screaming at the walls,

you must see the weather changing,

you must of heard of that

global warming thing---

and you don’t have to be mr. mckibben to understand

that if there is something that needs doing,

and it isn’t being done,

things will get worse.


you don’t have to be a genius to know

that in the current capitalist nightmare,

if you don’t have a job,

you will not survive &

the financial turmoil of this country can be dealt with

by improving the lives of those out of work by

bringing them back to work---

pure & simple.


tossing out the desperate continued reliance on

unrenewable resources,

replacing them with a green philosophy,

where care for our environment walks

hand in hand with the employment of the people suffering in

this country,

seems to be a

no brainer.



the building of high speed rails,

better forms of mass transit,

cars that run on any one of the number of alternative fuels or


(already known & waiting on the shelves---put there by


they all can be built

(as they are in other, smarter countries) &

it can be done with those that are presently

out of work.


you know it.

i know it &

the american people know it.

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