God's Elite: A Poem about Hate and Intolerance.

Also a journal I wrote in 2007 for Creative writing class. (See my other blog of this nature: Udile's Story).

The Bane of Mankind
Hate is truly a terrible thing. I would compare it to a disease. Once an individual has been infected, the hate will gain power and slowly corrupt their mind until their incapable of unconditional love and are blind to justice, happiness, peace, and the truth. It is also contagious, spreading with the vile efficiency of the Black Death. I call it the "Bane of Mankind" because of its power to slow down progress, corrupt a human mind (sometimes to the point of creating a killer), and cause mass violence and destruction. I am a person who believes that logic and rational thinking are the keys to improving and saving the human race. Hate could be called the definition of irrationality. Also, there is no such thing as "logic" in hate. For example, tell me, is it truly logical to associate skin pigment with violent nature? The two systems of the body controlling these traits are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!! Because of these facts, I believe that, for the good of humanity, we must destroy hate!
There are very few things in life that frighten me. One of the few things that does are the faces of people that hate. I wish they could see themselves as I do.
I can see one face in my mind now. The woman's eyes are dark, cruel, merciless. The expression in them is far beyond rage, it's a demonic violence that seems frighteningly alien on a human face. Her mouth is twisted in a carnivorous snarl, making her look akin to an enraged wolf. Her lips are a cruel red slash across her face pulled back tight over her teeth. Her hair seems the only human thing about her, falling brown around her face. I can almost see the fires of her own personal hell in her eyes, engulfing her soul, destroying her slowly, as if she has a wasting disease.

Sometimes hate is quiet, simmering just below the surface. It hides in a seemingly sane, rational person as it devours their soul, corrupting and twisting it until there is nothing left but a bittter, rotten core. Those people are far more dangerous than the ones in whom hate is obvious. They are timebombs, waiting to explode. Often, their hate is unknown to them. They hide under the guise of normalicy, in much the same way as Ted Bundy the serial killer, fooling everyone around them.
I have prepared a poem about [Religiously inspired] hate:

God's Elite

Warriors of God,
They call themselves?
Can't they hear the screams,
That echo from them?

Their faces twisted,
Masks of rage.
Eyes dark with hate,
Blind with fear and pain.

Most holy Martyrs,
They think they will be.
Can't they see the blood,
That covers them?

It flows from mouths,
That scream fire and brimstone.
It drips off hands,
That shake fists of fury.

God's chosen people,
They say they are.
They dance in white robes,
As holy children die.

Yelling in animal excitment,
As their "Christ" burns on the cross,
Once again crucified.
He cries in sorrow.

Warriors of God,
They call themselves.
Can't they hear the screams,
That echo from them?

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