Welcome to Godly Weather Forecast. Our team of prayer personnel has been in constant contact with God to bring you this week's weather.

God's Wrath season has begun! He is creating a hurricane right now in the Atlantic ocean, ready to send it to the sinners of America. His merciful nature has allowed for 48 hours notice, giving people living on the coast plenty of time to find Jesus and calm God's anger.

In the meantime, the tornadoes in Oklahoma have caused mass destruction, killing sinners, saving the righteous, graciously saving sinners to give them the chance to repent and killing the righteous as part of His divine and mysterious plan which is good, even if we can't understand it.

California is experiencing a drought, so we ask that you pray to God for rain. Specialised prayer teams will be taking the lead, and we'll have more information later on how you can get involved.

Iran has been experiencing a drought too. However, their woes are due to worshipping the wrong god. The one true God doesn't take kindly to that.

In Africa, a lack of rain means God still needs to see more missionaries over there, spreading the good news. Details of how you can donate to this worthy cause are coming up.

The North of England can expect to see more flooding as a direct result of being supportive of equal rights for homosexuals. Will they ever learn?

Elsewhere in the world, the weather will continue to develop according to God's will, so remember to lead good, wholesome Christian lives and God will be pleased.

We enjoy receiving your messages. Sometimes we get positive feedback on the wonderful work we are doing here forecasting God's will, and sometimes we get questions, like these-

Isn't the weather just due to natural forces? It's how the other weather forecasters can predict what's going to happen, isn't it?

Well no. How could it be that? That would mean things like hurricanes would happen anyway, and we all know there's a direct correlation between sinning and deadly weather. Despite what other so-called 'scientists' think about predicting it based on nonsense like air masses and presure systems, they are always wrong. Plenty of times they've got the temperature wrong, even by as much as two or three degrees sometimes. And any time they've been more accurate, it's been thanks to a lucky guess. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

When it's summer in the north and winter in the south, isn't that because of the tilt of the Earth? Australia has Christmas in their summer!

This is another attempt to bring in a natural explanation for the weather. What would happen if we said cold weather and snow were natural events? It would open the door to blizzards being natural too. But they're not. Blizzards are part of God's punishment on sinners. They are supernatural in origin. It is God's will for it to be cold in the south if it is warm in the north, and vice versa. It is God's will for it to be cold at the poles all year round.

Why does the Bible Belt experience more bad weather than the more worldly, liberal states of America? Aren't certain places just more prone to it due to their geographic location?

God could start hurricanes on the north west coast and send them in that way. Nothing is beyond His almighty power. But in his wisdom, he chose the south. Perhaps as a warning to the north to get their act together. Perhaps because most of the other states' people will experience an even greater punishment in the fiery pits of hell. Even if you can't think of a good reason, that's a weakness on your part. God has good reasons for everything He does. Alabama annoys him one year. Another year Texas annoys him. That's why the hurricanes travel in on the paths He sets for them. And never in winter either. Again, because it's His will.

I'm a Muslim, and I too believe God controls the weather. But he has caused the drought in California because YOU are worshipping the wrong god, while the one in Iran is part of His mysterious and wonderful plan for His true people.

I'm sorry to hear you're a Muslim. One thing I will say for you is that you have an amazing imagination, thinking Allah is punishing California with a drought! No, it is in fact Iran which is being punished by the true god Yahweh with a drought. I am obviously right because my god is real and yours is false.

The UK used to be against homosexuals, but they still had flooding. How come?

There are a lot of ways to sin against God. It must have been because of their sinful nature in another area of life.

I noticed some of your forecast last week was wrong. Can you explain that?

We are never wrong. What's wrong is the way you interpreted our forecast. Some was to be taken as metaphor. Sophisticated theologians understand this. Why can't you?

If it's God's will to have a drought, how can prayer change His mind?

I have experienced the power of prayer for myself in this matter. One day, we saw no clouds in the sky, and prayed to the Almighty to bring rain. Within four hours, it was raining. Prayer works! How else can this be explained? In fact, the Bible itself contains many verses about how we are able to ask for anything in prayer.

If you can ask God to change the weather, can you ask Him to make it snow in Egypt in the middle of August? That would sure show me you can affect the weather with prayer!

God must not be tested.

This weather report is a joke! God makes bad weather hit naughty places? God decides where it will rain every time? He must hate Africa! God decides when the wind will blow? Snow and ice isn't due to our distance from the sun. Oh, no. It just so happens God decides to make it snow when the Earth is further away. He's never felt like making a blizzard in the northern hemisphere in August. Looks natural to me, but okay, God could make a summer blizzard. He just never feels like it. If there's a light shower that only lasts a minute is that God changing His mind? Eventually it'll rain, whether you pray for it or not. If too much time passes, you'd just say it was God's will to make you wait. You would get the same results praying to a tin of beans.

This is a perfect example of how Satan can control minds. This person is evil, relying on doubts rather than the transforming experience of faith.

I'm a Christian. It seems obvious to me that God set up the laws of nature, and that they are responsible for the weather. But He doesn't actively control it. You make it sound like we're in a game of Black and White, and you're making other Christians look as foolish as those tribes who used to do rain dances.

Perhaps you should rethink your position. The deluge of Noah's flood was an act of God, wasn't it? 'I will cause it to rain' - Genesis 7:4. And look how else the Bible supports us!

'The Lord sent thunder and hail' - Exodus 9:23. 'The Lord sent thunder and rain.' - 1 Samuel 12:17,18. 'He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty downpour.' ' - Job 37:6. 'I have withholden the rain from you... I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it to not rain upon another city.' 'What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?' - Mark 4:41. 'He prayed earnestly that it might not rain; and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain.' - James 5:17,18.

So what are you saying? That the Biblical authors were just as foolish as us? If you think we're crazy, you'd have to extend that thinking to the Bible itself.

Wouldn't you?

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