Well I will give this a go and possibly post something of interest or an observation that may give insight to being godless in a place where people for the most part lack the world view and education that should tell them they are delusional. IMHO people of faith in the states have advantages of education , access to and awareness of the world in general outside their borders. This is not the case in the part of Guatemala that I live in. I suppose a comparison could be made to living in the most isolated town of say Mississippi. Only with out electricity, internet or anything that could be called news from outside the area. Here one’s " Religion " generally depends on what group of missionaries got to the community first, my village happens to be catholic where the next one 400 meters up river is evangelical. What they have in common I would have to say is something like Pascals wager...."OK I will say I believe it just in case" . The threat of hell is terrifying once planted in a young mind.
It is really difficult to put this lunacy to rest as I saw with a kid that was working with me.
He showed up after his cousin had recorded a broadcast that originated in the states on his phone about a “well to hell” that the Russians had supposedly drilled in Siberia. He played this recording back to me and I had to suppress a laughing fit. I decided I would present the "facts" and ease his mind. This proved more difficult than I ever thought for factors I did not at the time take into consideration.
I failed to realize that he may not know anything about plate tectonics, heat at depths in the earths crust etc etc. I found it nearly impossible to do anything to help ease his worried mind. It would have required a nearly complete education in the natural sciences, how our planet and it’s natural processes work.
I made an effort , I had written down the relevant data in the recording and looked it up on the net. I love google it’s amazing what comes back from a simple ,well to hell, search. As I expected it had a basis in reality but CBN or one of the other religious networks got hold of it and embellished it to suit their audience complete with the screams of the damned captured from a microphone that was lowered into the hole. This was all translated into Spanish to spread the terror and rebroadcast here.

I remember the real story said they recorded temperatures around 300 C or so, the broadcasters raised the temp to something that would melted the mic. I pointed this out, but hey what does logic have to do with faith?
At the time I had a decent internet connection and showed him a few videos that I thought would make him think.

After it was all said and done I got the same kind of response from the kid that any apologist would give, It’s the devil trying to fool us. It went down hill from there.

So it is, be they educated from the “developed “ world or uneducated from the “third world” it’s the same sickness.

The evil eye , spells etc are widely believed here. If I thought about it I am sure I could draw a parallel in the states , if any religion isn't enough on it own. Here the machetes come out and more than one poor bugger has suffered the consequences there I guess it's cruise missiles and cluster bombs and more than one poor bugger.

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Comment by Franco P on April 30, 2010 at 2:47pm
hola desde Venezuela!
no te desilusiones....
es un poco peor aqui...
Comment by Loren Price on April 30, 2010 at 3:31pm
I've been to Cuba numerous times and I'm surprised that they're very superstitious for being an educated population, I'm guessing their education system doesn't teach people to ask questions.

Sometime I'd like to get a brujero to put a curse on me and prove to people that it's all BS.
Comment by Denis C on April 30, 2010 at 4:27pm
Hi Loren , don't know how to respond to comments , if there is a better way please tell me how I do it, Until then I will respond here.
Having spent many years in what is supposed to be an educated country, The US, and many years in one that is supposed to be behind on education. I have to conclude yes it is true that generally educated folks leave this foolishness in the dust bit but look around many do not. Look at Francis Collins , a man of superior intellect yet three frozen water falls led him to the conclusion there is a sky daddy. I will try and post a rambling response tonight. Cheers


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