So im watching MSNBC the other day as i usually do (since id have to commit suicide if i watched fox news for more than 2 seconds), and theyre covering the Moore, OK. tornado like everyone else was.  It was 3-4 days after the actual event and everyone's doing stories on the clean up ect... So the camera was following this 20some yr old young woman as shes walking down a street then into a parkinglot, and the reporter is asking her the usual questions like, "how is the clean up effort going", "did you lose anyone close to you?" ect.  As they are walking they come to a garage door and then on into the dark since all the power to that section was still out.  There are a few tables covered with recovery supplies like water ect, and a few other volunteers.  The woman had been talking very rationally the whole time she was being asked about this horrible tragedy.  Then she begins in on the supplies and how thankful she is for all the donations and helpers.  Then she says this (not an EXACT quote since i cant remember it word for word, but this is 99% accurate, the meaning of which is 100% accurate): "Im soooooo glad that GOD decided to save this church so we'd have a place to put all these supplies and a place for the people to come and get them"  GOD SAVED HIS OWN CHURCH OBVIOUSLY lol.  Im sorry, well actually IM NOT SORRY.  I find it laughable when seemingly rational people turn into complete idiots when it comes to religion.  I understand that humans try and find patterns and meaning where there is none alot of the times, but religious people are old hat at this irrational behavior.  I love the fact that GOD saved the church, yet he allowed 24 people DIE and countless others to become injured, and many in horrific ways no less.  He had the power to divert the tornado around the church, yet he was helpless when it came to peoples homes, businesses and LIVES, it was just gods will there...And it goes beyond laughable, the more i hear these sort of stories ect, i actually get irritated to the point of anger.  I know i shouldnt let things like this get to me, yet its the basis on why this country is so Fucked Up.  and this was just a normal girl, we have people EXACTLY like her (and worse) running our country.  The Rand Pauls and the Lindsay Grahams(?) and those "rape cannot lead to pregnancy" idiots, they ARE IN CHARGE!!! Rome crumbled from within ironically after christianity took hold, i have no clue if it added to its demise since ive never studied it in detail, but i see so many similarities between ancient rome and the usa its rediculous. i wont get into all of these things here but i had to rant about the girl i heard on tv.  It makes me feel almost retarded sometimes when i think of the staggering number of idiots on this planet. Can you imagine if we could direct their religious ferver onto things like space exploration or disease irradication? I really hope our future is brighter than it currently looks. I know there are record numbers of atheists out there yet im not sure its enough, idiots are always going to be idiots, religious or not.  Love you all, keep fighting the good fight and happy memorial day weekend, stay safe!

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