God Made vs Man Made 
God Made the germs and diseases that sicken or kill you
Man Made vaccines and cures that treat you and keep you alive
God Made the hurricanes and natural disasters that will kill you
Man Made the shelters and shutters that will keep you alive
God Made undrinkable waters filled with salt and bacteria that will kill you
Man Made the water purifiers and plants to treat the water for consumption
God Made land inhabitable for life, harsh conditions and weather
Man Made Technology, buildings and clothing for those conditions
God Made land where there's famine, desert, drought.
Man Made irrigation and genetic research where it's possible to feed everyone at least a carbon based diet.
with all that said. people wonder how i became atheist and look at me as if i'm the one with the loony insight. 
i guess since god woke you up this morning it just negates all the other stuff god did or didn't do. "Change your thinking and you will change your life" ~ @Noramoss


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Comment by StarStuff on October 12, 2011 at 5:39pm

Right on.


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