Rush Limbaugh, right-wing radio commentator says GOD made the BP oil spill disappear, and he’s backed up by newscasters:

"SUZANNE MALVEAUX: (music) It may sound too good to be true. Much of the oil that gushed into the Gulf for months now seems to have disappeared.
DIANE SAWYER: Where is all the oil? On day 98, much of the spill is actually hard to see.
JEFFREY KOFMAN: According to experts, much of it was reabsorbed into the environment.
ED OVERTON: Mother Nature is doing what she's supposed to do and we're losing most of it to microbial degradation in the ocean.
ANDERSON COOPER: Where is the oil? What does this mean? Is this good news that it's all dissipating?"

RUSH: "Okay, so they can't find the oil. They're out there looking for the oil, they can't find the oil. They are reopening areas of the Gulf to fishing. They aren't gonna need $20 billion to pay people back for damages and yet they have swindled BP outta $20 billion. The ex-CEO, Tony Hayward, who's actually been sent to Siberia, I mean literally sent to Siberia, a BP Russian oil project, may as well be Siberia, said early on, "The ecological damage is going to be minimal here." He's dead right and you pay a penalty in this country for being dead right. You are hated, and you are despised, and you become a target. So now BP has been swindled, shaken down for $20 billion for no reason. There was no major destructive crisis. The earth, Mother Nature -- and to me, by the way, when I say Mother Nature's taken care of it, who's Mother Nature? Mother Nature -- listen to me on the left, listen to me on the left, Mother Nature, you know who it is? God. You spell it G-o-d. Mother Nature is God. Mother Nature is not a tree trunk. Mother Nature is not some forest somewhere in the Amazon. Mother Nature is the God of the Bible, the God of creation, and the God of creation taking care of all this despite our folly 'cause God loves us."

Praise the LORD! It’s a MIRACLE! Or is there a more salient reason for why the oil has seemed to disappear?

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Comment by Joe Edwards on July 29, 2010 at 3:24pm
Someone needs to take ole Rush out to spend a few days floating in the oil and dispersant tainted water before he opens his trap yet again.
Comment by willailla on July 29, 2010 at 10:29pm
It's amazing how much resilience the earth has to clean itself up, but mankind may not be so resilient. All the toxins we spew into the air and ocean may kill us eventually. Yet the powers that be seem hell bent on squeezing every last ounce of profit out of the environment, no matter what. Eventually we may luck out and find clean renewable resources to replace fossil fuels, but basing our survival on 'lucking out' is not a sane policy. What, for example, would have happened if the spill could not have been stopped--ever? Not to worry, huh, Rush? God will save us.


“When we fool with Mother Nature, sometimes she fools us back. Experts say up to 50
percent of spilled oil — the most volatile, toxic part — can evaporate within a week as the
oil slick floats toward shore. Another portion can be eaten by naturally occurring microbes,
especially in warm Gulf waters. "Oil is a natural product. It's inherently biodegradable," said
Terry Hazen, microbial ecologist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California.
Even hurricanes can help. After the massive 1979 Ixtoc spill in Mexico's Bay of Campeche,
Hurricane Frederic was credited with scouring tar balls off the Texas coast. Experts say a
hurricane's egg-beater effect on the water might break up oil sheens into small oily particles
more easily digested by microbes.
Even water's-edge marshes, crucial to sheltering juvenile shrimp and dampening the surge of
hurricanes, have some self-healing abilities. Environmentalists visiting Louisiana's
oil-soaked marshes already have spotted new green sprouts thrusting up through the black

Up to 4 million barrels (167 million gallons), the vast majority of the spill, remains
unaccounted for in government statistics. Some of it has, most likely, been cleaned up by
nature. Other amounts may be gone from the water, but they could have taken on a second
life as contaminants in the air, or in landfills around the Gulf Coast.
And some oil is still out there -- probably mixed with chemical dispersants. Some scientists
have described it floating in underwater clouds, which one compared to a toxic fog.
"That stuff's somewhere," said James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State
University. His research has shown concentrations of oil still floating miles from the
wellhead. "It's going to be with us for a while. I'm worried about some habitats being
exposed chronically to low concentrations of toxins. . . . If the water's contaminated, the
animals are going to be contaminated."
Comment by Joe Edwards on July 29, 2010 at 10:55pm
I guess we could really look at this in perspective. We have had, what, 3 major extinctions in the Earth's history? Life finds a way to continue on. Even the amount of toxins we have poured out into the environment are nothing compared to what our planet's own geological activity can and has produced. I have no fear that the planet and some form of life will continue if we don't change our ways, BUT there could be a very good chance that we will not be included in the survivors, no matter how resilient we make ourselves out to be.

This does make me happy, in a way, because the Earth still has billions of years left before it is cooked by our sun's inevitable expansion...billions of years to continue to give life (and potentially other intelligent life) a way to express itself...whether we are part of it or not.
Comment by willailla on July 29, 2010 at 11:15pm
Yeah, Joe, I agree. You bring up an interesting thought. With billions of years remaining other intelligent life forms may evolve and be totally unaware that we even existed. And if that's possible, perhaps other intelligent life form have come and gone before us.

It would be a shame if we wipe ourselves out--but we are replaceable. And the universe couldn't care less if we do anymore than an oak tree cares if any of its seeds survive.

"Lost time is never found again, and there are no good wizards to rescue us from our follies." -- Sprague de Camp
Comment by O Alem on July 30, 2010 at 11:12am
Do we have the memory span of a goldfish or what? Doesn´t anybody remember the Exxon Valdez?
That was in 1989 and you can still find oil there today. You can go to basically any random beach in the Prince William Sound, turn over a rock and it will be soaked in oil that is 21 years old. And that was a tiny trickle compared with what we have in the Gulf. Can´t find the oil? Bold faced lie. You can see it from space!
On top of that, Exxon hasn´t paid a single red cent to the fishermen wiped out. In fact, a lawyer famously said that they could just drag out the litigation till they all died, which they have been doing.
Comment by willailla on July 30, 2010 at 2:12pm
O Alem, exactly right.

President Obama supposedly ordered BP to put up 20 billion to pay for the damage it has done, but BP hasn't put one cent in escrow--nor will it ever in my opinion. As always the American taxpayer will foot the bill. Almost one trillion dols for an illegal Iraq-Afghan war allotted this year. How much for health, education and the environment?
Comment by NoSacredCow on August 21, 2010 at 9:08am
Well now that some of the latest gulf oil surveys have come back it makes the post and Limbaugh's comments funnier. (in a black humor sort of way) The oil hasn't dissipated, it's below the surface still in a huge plume.

Sorry Rush, "god" didn't clean it up. "god" just hid it, like a child with dirty dishes in its room.

I really wish instead of constantly sticking his foot in his mouth Limboaugh would use a gun. Maybe a shotgun, that way he could pull the trigger with his toe and the connection would still be there.


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