Take any event where there are opposing forces competing/battling each other: sports, wars, races, basketball tournaments, games, etc. Now, why do the parties who come out on the winning side always invoke "god" as being responsible for the win? Doesn't "god" belong on all sides, or just the one that "god" has "predestined" to be victorious?

For example, the other night on the NBA Playoffs coverage, at the end of a hard fought game, the star player of the winning team said something to the effect of: "I first of all want to thank my lord and savior Jesus christ..." Now, what would have happened if that young man's team lost? Would he have gone on television giving praise and adoration to his "savior", even though he lost?

Another example...the other day, I flipped over to the NASCAR race for a few minutes. The field was under caution, and one of the pit reporters was getting a few quick words from one of the crew chiefs, whose driver was at the front of the field. He sounded more like he was about to preach a sermon: "We just thank the lord for this day..." I didn't stay tuned to see if "god" smiled on his praise, or if the crew chief was cussing under his breath after his driver smacked the wall.

So anyway, that's my rant on invoking "god's" name when the times are good. 

I mean, it's not that it works or anything. They would have won or lost anyway, whether they raised their hands to the heavens or not.

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Comment by Stutz on April 19, 2011 at 12:31am
This topic is kind of easy pickings. Plenty of athletes aren't too bright and don't think about the implication of what they're saying. The ones with half a brain are just getting a plug in for Christianity because they think it's a good thing to do. Let's fry some bigger fish.


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