Giving up on religious-nutjob side of the family?

I'm debating not speaking with my dad's side of the family unless absolutely necessary. My parents divorced when I was young, and over the years I've visited my dad's family a lot, but I've grown tired of their religious, brainwashed selves. They are converted Jews that believe Jesus was God... I forget what the term for that is.

Every time I go over there I end up having to go to church with my father and the family if it is over a weekend, even though I'm 23 years old. I also have to participate in the Sabbath, which isn't that bad, I'm not complaining, but what I don't like about them is that they are so brain washed. Every time I talk to my dad, he asks me to pray for this or that, even though he knows I'm an atheist. Every time I see them, we always have the "Are you a believer yet, son?" conversation. He blames most of my unhappiness on not believing, and there are always some awkward conversations with the younger siblings. It's so sad seeing my 5 year old half brother completely already have his mind made up on why there is evil in the world.

A family reunion is coming up in 2 months, and the rest of my dads side of the family aren't like them. They are christian, but not extremists like my dad and his family. I scheduled time off to go to this reunion, but something happened recently where I'm debating not seeing them or speaking with them unless I just have to.

My step-brother is the one reason I kept visiting my dads side. He's 17, and I love him to death. But lately he has become more and more brain washed, just like my dad. He got into youtube and making gaming videos, and now he's completely obsessed with himself. He will always tweet stuff like, "So thankful to God for my subscribers..." and "God has blessed me." and "You guys are everything to me." He posted a vlog the other day apologizing for not providing new content because he was on a vacation, and the kid looked like he was on crack. The kid's a poor tool now. I spoke with him and tried to explain, listen, business and religion doesn't mix, but he took it the wrong way. He has his head up his own ass, thinks he is a celebrity, is going nowhere in life and is using God as a cop out. "I'm trying to be an inspiration to kids."

I'm sick of him and don't want to see him. I don't even want to attempt at working things out, I already have so many times and he thinks I'm trying to bring his 'passion for gaming' down or something. I gave up. Now I just don't know if I care enough to visit my dad at all, or if I should keep trying, despite my idiotic brother. What should I do? I am just tired of seeing my dads side of the family so brain washed by religion, and I don't know if it makes me a bad person not caring to visit them anymore.

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Comment by Mabel on April 9, 2012 at 11:03pm

It is common for 17 year olds to do crazy things and think in strange ways. Maybe if you can manage to come up with some more  patience with your step-brother, it will pay off in the long run (like when he is 20). He is more likely to come around with someone who is close to him showing him tolerance even though you disagree with what he is doing and how he is thinking at the moment.

I know it is hard. I know it can be real hard. Good luck.  


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