out there in our world

there are brilliant individuals

whose minds are incredible,

awesome & inspiring,

bearing thoughts, ideas &

theories, which many of us

wouldn’t be able to fathom

if the thinker her/himself

sat down at our breakfast table

& spoon fed it to us

like we were good little Gerber



there are funny wo/men out

there also,

who with one quick quip or

deliberate body gesture, facial

contortion or humorous act

which may up to this point have

no definition at all,

are able to tickle our funny bone,

sending us into a fit of

laughter, which may very well

create pain in our gut or

cause us to fall right out of our



unfortunately it is the case that

seldom do these two vital human

qualities exist within the same being &

when you come across someone

who possesses both,

your jaw might drop at the same time

you begin to quake with an almost



this writer does feel that

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson fits the bill.


Dr. Neil can captivate an audience---

armed with a comforting smile,

razor sharp wit & pure down to

earth sagacity,

in just over an hour (maybe less)

he can take those who held

absolutely no interest in Science


and with an uncanny ability to weave

the most wondrous & complicated

descriptions of what goes on in the


with jokes & anecdotes

in a communicative way that does not

have an agenda,

outside that of education,

he is able to turn on whole crowds

to a love of Science!


and once you see him,

you won’t be able to get enough---

you’ll watch all the youtube lectures he


and you’ll read all his books &

the whole time,

you’ll be learning things

which had they been brought you

by someone else,

you might have just been bored listening,

or ignored outright.


though many good intentioned smart


will do their best to convey

all their research &

they’ll do so with all the compassion that

they can muster,

how unquestionably important it is to

have someone like Neil

bearing as much communicative talent

as he does sheer intelligence,

so that he might continue to

illuminate the world,

showing his own love for what he does &

what has always interested him,

so that he may pass it on,

igniting further amazement in us all,

so that so many break the chains of

religious dogmas which have

kept their eyes & their minds

shut & closed for so long!

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