A random thought occurred to me today and it doesn't seem to want to leave my head, so I'm posting it here to see who else might make heads or tails of it. 

As a rule, the god of the Christian bible does not appreciate people going around besmirching his good name and reputation. When people who are supposed to be his followers behave badly, he either smites them/their family/their entire community, or he punishes them in some other form or fashion (i.e. Moses fucked up and struck a rock containing water, so Moses doesn't get to enter the "Promised Land" he stumbled around for 40 years looking for). This being said, how does it make any sense at all that god would allow Muslim terrorism to not only spawn 83 years ago, but grow in popularity and resourcefulness?

The history of this brand of terrorism stretches all the way back to 1928 and besides inspiring leaders such as Mubarak and bin Laden (okay, okay, the US kinda helped with him...), hundreds of thousands of twisted, evil, malicious henchmen have marched happily in and out of the record books for their "god given approval" to kill scads of innocent people both on their own turf and abroad. Although they have carried a number of excuses with them for why their murdering ways are acceptable (ex. poor economies, bad leaders, etc.), the one explanation that never wavers or changes is their declaration that not only does their god allow them to eradicate the "infidels", he orders them to do so!

Unfortunately, they all seem to have missed the fact that Muhammad never gives permission to kill nonbelievers in the Koran, but that isn't even my point. What I'm still left wondering is why the Christian god (the one who is supposed to be waaaay better than that dumb ol' Muhammad guy...), who gets easily offended by mortals going around messing up while waving his banner, doesn't seem to find this a good time to jump in there and strike down these religious nut-bags before things get out of control? Here we are, 83 years and one majorly catastrophic attack on our soil later and god is still up there twiddling his thumbs and just watching all of this unfold? Based on his previous hissy fits, this simply doesn't add up.

One of the easiest examples of this incongruous thinking resides in the OT story of how the Jewish community got its mitts on Jericho. According to the bible, that is the place god said they could have and when they got there, all these no-good sinning blokes had already set up shop and were committing horrible sins (such as sacrificing their children) in the name of god. Naturally, it doesn't address why god hadn't already bitch slapped the snot out of them from the second they tried to kill a child, no one seems concerned about that. However, when god does finally get there and sees the wretches sinning horribly in his name, well, he gets rather pissy and destroys the lot of them so that the wholesome Jewish community can have it instead. "You shall not behave thus toward the LORD your God, for every abominable act which the LORD hates they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. (Deuteronomy 12:31)

So basic point and question stands thusly: Why does god allow the extremists to continue on their merry way of raping, terrorizing, killing and manipulating the masses all in the name of god, when clearly, he takes offense to such behavior? If god's love demands god's justice, then what terribly important business could be keeping him from addressing this 83 year old problem? I have asked similar questions of other Christian friends of mine and the answers usually fall into the category of, "god's ways are not our ways; god will have his vengeance in the hereafter; god has given us free will to do as we please in our lives and will not interfere with whatever path we've chosen." None of these explanations make any sense, but my answer is usually the same, I doubt that any of that is a consolation to the people getting killed in the meantime or the families they are leaving behind.

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Comment by Geektheist (Rocky Oliver) on August 23, 2011 at 5:46pm

As an ex-Southern Baptist I can give you (at least one of) the answers they would give you. I would say these are more like excuses and false rationalizations than answers per se, but here it is nonetheless.


They would say that the God you're speaking of is the God of the OT; and that, since the Jesus-zombie did his thang he created a "new convenant" or "New Testament" with the peeps, both Jew and Gentile. So, God 2.0 has decided to do a 180deg about-face, and now he basically says, "I'm retired, you're on your own. But BTW, if you fuck up while down there I will royally fuck your shit up when you get up here - and it will be, like, for-fuckin-ever, bitches. So, think of me as Santa Claus, but you damn-sure do NOT want to be on MY Naughty List, because instead of getting coal, I will turn your bitch-ass INTO coal."


You get the idea.


And then when you come back with the, "but a loving god would not let us get so bitch-slapped as what happens today, especially by assholes who are supposed to be second-cousins to our Abrahamic-asses." Then you get the, "Whawhawhawhaaaat? You dare to question the HMFIC? He will come down here and FUCK. YOUR. SHIT. UP.


Oh, wait...."


Oh, and as a side note: I LOVE how Southern Baptists and the other fundies/penecostals will use the OT all damn-day long to justify raining hellfire and brimstone down upon those they judge (but aren't supposed to, plus love everyone, etc etc), but the second you try to turn it around on them they will throw that "OT == old, busted shit, NT == new hotness" crap at you.


So, basically the answer is: there is no rational answer. I don't care how you twist it, I don't care what you find in the Bible, there is ALWAYS another part of that (not so) Good Book that will directly CONTRADICT whatever you find. There simply is no good answer. In the end, people today - as much as they did throughout history - will use religion to do more wicked-bad shit against everyone else, than they will use it to do good.


Sucks, doesn't it?


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