yesterday, NATO

(who doesn’t go to the restroom without asking permission from the


killed 15 more civilians in

tripoli, while bombing a

resteraunt & a

bakery, which were no doubt

major strongholds for gadhafi’s


(what with the

large stockpiles of magroods,

ghreybas, basboosa &

mhalbiya infringing on the rights of

the rebel forces---

certainly the lamb stock libyan soup &


was being served in some violent manner at the

resteraunt in question,

which was reason enough to destroy it & kill

those dining there)---

there was no reason for doing this,

beyond supporting the rebels---

NATO, under no circumstance,

acted in such a manner in order to

take control of the

“strategically important oil town of brega.”


as of wenesday, june 15th,

the war in libya had cost the united states

$715 million dollars &

it is said to soon surpass the $750 million which our

brilliant boys at the five-sided-fecal-matter-depository

informed us that they would limit the US taxpayer to

in march---

when all the hoopla began.


those estimating tell us that by the end of the

90-day extension of the no-fly zone,

the US will have spent as much as $938 million dollars

marauding in libya with its buddies.


pause for a moment to think what the US could do with

that money,

had they not spent it beating on another country,

in order to replace somebody that we don’t like

with someone who will do what we



in 2009, the US bureau of labor statistics revealed

in their “consumer expenditures” report that a family unit of

2.5 people spent $3,126 on health care in a year---

round that down to 3 grand and then divide

the estimated cost of this

operation unified protector (OUP)

(let’s say $900 million):


$900,000,000 (estimated cost of OUP)

--------------------------------------------     =     300,000 family units    


(estimated amount a family unit of 2.5 people spends on health care in the US)


  300,000 family units

x        2.5 individuals with a good chunk of money towards their health care for a year =

  750,000 people

  who could have been helped, and not killed, maimed, or wounded

  in the name of regime change & acquisition of another country’s

  natural resources

  for the selfish use of

  the (still, as of today) world’s policeman.


mr. obama,

and more importantly

all the bodies attached to the dirty & bloody hands which he

shook & promised things to

on the way to his presidency

(whom he is obligated to do the bidding of now),

has ignored the voiced of the rational around him

who have told him that he is violating the

war powers resolution of 1973,

which stipulates that the president must

“notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action”

forbidding armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days,

with a further 30 day withdrawal period,

without an authorization of the use of military

force or a declaration of war.”


this same president who is pushing for a raise

in the debt ceiling of the US,

refuses to tell the american people,

looking them straight in the face on television,

that this




is anything of the sort & he continues to state that

there are no “hostilities” that the US is directly involved in,

so the war powers resolution doesn’t apply.




has george w. entered the white house again?


would you like some tea, mr. bush?

maybe you would rather a deep tissue shiatsu

using the barrels of crude that you are stealing &

securing from the rest of the world,


you will not rest until

the self-righteous concubine of

big oil

gets its way.

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Comment by Jim Minion on June 26, 2011 at 9:31pm
Gaddafi had been calling for African and Muslim nations to create the Golden Dinar to be used as the currency for their oil and other raw materials. Saddam had called for the using another currency other than the dollar before he was taken down. Protecting the people of Libya and Iraq sounds good but doesn't sand up to the evidence.
Comment by delapruch on June 26, 2011 at 11:27pm
@ Jim Minion.  Thanks for taking the time to read, and for illuminating the issue of a viable currency outside the dollar!
Comment by Jason on June 27, 2011 at 12:59pm
I don’t understand why conservatives are so against Obama. I don’t see much difference between him and George W. But you won’t hear that from the pro Obama media. They hardly ever point out how similar they are.
Comment by delapruch on June 27, 2011 at 2:48pm
@ Jason.  Thanks for reading : ) as far as both obama & bush go, they are both US politicians who got where they are by shaking bloody, dirty hands.


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