If one concider the life cycles of what we observe as organic life in light of evolution, it starts to resemble a game. We know that life started at some point, it did not magically appear, and we know that life on Earth will end once the planet is sterilized by the sun in a few billion years. Life on Earth is therefore not just a game, it is actually a PermaDeathmatch game. The winning rule in a permadeath match is simple: Outlive everyone.

If humanity wants to win at this game of life, we have a bit of a handicap. Prokaryotes have a ~3.8bn year head start. So if we want to treat it as a deathmatch, then we are going to lose.

However, there is a solution to a closed end game. Open the end. Then you move to a Sandbox game which never ends. The best strategy for a Sandbox game is usually to cooperate. The only way humans can change the game is to focus our minds as to how leave this planet at some point.

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Comment by Akshay Bist on May 8, 2011 at 11:58pm

The Sun will eventually die & with it Earth. But it'll be ~5billion years before the Sun goes into red giant phase & gobbles up the Earth(everything upto Mars).

I think we'd have to leave Earth long before that in order to survive. It could either be because of a resource/population crunch or the planet being rendered uninhabitable because of war, pollution or natural causes.

I think the sandbox here would probably have to be self sustaining space ships. Settling on inhabitable planets in other solar systems is kinda dodgy, as it would take many many years to reach them even if we travel at the speed of light, unless ofcourse some kind of wormhole technology is invented before the exodus.

Though I wonder how will innovation survive, let alone thrive, in the limited confines of a space ship. Are we doomed to go extinct before the universe dies or will we go with it or may be even outlive it?


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