down on their knees again

eyes squinted tight

hoping, wishing, hoping,



for something or other

that will specifically &

uniquely appear on their doorstep

solving all their current problems &

washing away any possibility of

a return to their present desperate state---


and nothing happens.


not a voice

not a sign

not an “angel” showing up to don its perty wings---

nothing comes as a result of

the getting down on the knees &

squinting eyes routine,


this time around,

the individual in question has finally become

fed up with the whole idea &

simultaneously opening their eyes,

unfolding their hands &

standing up

on their own,

they decide for themselves that they have

“lost their faith.”


why is it that this remarkable &

essential moment in a human being’s


is illustrated in such a manner?

why is this “faith” lost,

when it never existed to begin with?

for what is a sense of “faith,”

but certainty which has no evidence for its



how can one lose

that which could never be held in the first place?


aren’t those who come to this new vital conclusion


gaining reason &

in doing so,

wouldn’t this call for a celebration

rather than the playing of the violins,

the hiding in one’s house with the lights off,

or the weeping

like that of a child whose candy has been stolen from them?


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