During the course of conversation with many Christians, sometimes before, sometimes after I've been informed yet again I'm probably going to burn for eternity, I am often asked the following question:

Why do you hate God?

My response is always inadequate, because of course I don't hate god. How can you hate something that you know doesn't exist? At that point, the topic often veers onto the endlessly rewarding one of "proof"... and hours of fruitless arguing later nothing has been resolved, and the hate question has been totally forgotten.

Which is a shame, because I've been thinking about it recently and it is a rather interesting problem. The question of course is meaningless, but given the opportunity questions I'd ask would be:

Why WOULDN'T I hate your god?
Why DON'T you hate your god?

Let's be honest if he existed at all, there wouldn't be a lot to like about the guy. As it is, the very idea of him is pretty repellent.

"But.. he created the universe! He created everything in it, including you and me!"

I see. By that logic parents have carte blanche to treat their progeny as they wish. After all, they are the Daddy and the Mommy, the Alpha and Omega as far as a young mind is concerned.

So if they leave something valuable within their child's reach, tell him not to touch it, but he breaks it anyway, they apparently have every right to punish him, his children, and his children's children until the very last generation. And for what? They KNEW he'd screw up. that's what kids do! Hell, they MADE him fallible, so he was working as designed! And yet they deem it just to inflict a punishment on him far out of proportion to his 'crime' (which wouldn't have happened at all without their intervention) and tar all his subsequent generations with the same brush.


Choose any one of the above words that you'd apply to those parents.

Yet due to the warped Amsterdam Syndrome relationship Christians have with their 'creator', he is all of those things and more.


In what bizzarro world does acting like a supreme asshole rate the return of unconditional love, respect and obediance? Because he made everything? Well that's not much of a reccomendation. A poor craftsman shouldn't blame his tools, and should definitely not blame the result of his own inadequate, inexpert labor. If things are fucked up... it's HIS fault not ours! He's the moron who can't design a working universe! We're the victim here!

Seriously, what a douche!

So in a way, it's a shame the christian god doesn't exist, because frankly anyone who believes in it should BURN with anger and want to give it a piece of their mind.

Don't you want to know when it's going to grow the hell up and stop acting like a spoiled BRAT?
Don't you want to know when it's going to take responsibility for it's actions and INACTION?

How about answering a few prayers now and again?
How about curing the occasional amputee.
How about curing my sinless, unconditionally loving, forever faithful and (usually) obedient dog... you worthless MOTHERFUCKER!

Because if you can't do that, what GOOD are you. What USE are you?

Please. I beg you. I PRAY to you. Just fuck off and leave us to live our lives our way, because you're a worthless waste of infinite space. You're the ultimate deadbeat dad, and we're better off without you.

I don't hate god. How can I? But I despise the very idea of it. I puke on the thought that the human race is willing to submit voluntarily into such abject slavery under a petulant child.

So tell me...

Why WOULDN'T I hate your god?
Why DON'T you hate your god?

I know why I don't.

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Comment by Discern on April 25, 2011 at 11:34pm

If I go to hell, there's nothing I could've done about it. God provides a book full of problems that no one can figure out and demands that I be saved. Yet no one can even figure out the salvation part. 'Once saved always saved' or not? That doctrine is still being debated. Then I try to use the brain that God gave me to figure out the other stuff in his book. But I can't get past all the inconsistencies and total lack of evidence of divine inspiration. Then he refuses to answer prayers in a completely obvious and non-ambiguous manner.


He hasn't even given me a fair chance to know he exists in the first place, let alone exercising my free will to decide whether I want to serve him or not.


If I go to hell because he didn't give me a clear choice to begin with, then so be it. He's got the whole thing rigged to favour punishment over reward.


Comment by Kristen Kramer on April 26, 2011 at 6:36am
It is nice to meet someone else who uses Xanga. What is your Xanga? I am http://kristenmomof3.xanga.com/
Comment by Lance Buckley on April 26, 2011 at 7:29am

@Discern has an interesting point. I think it can be reduced to a childish rationalization we've probably all been familiar with. "I didn't want to do this, but you made me. Look what you made me do!". The Supreme being is the victim of our bad behavior.

@Kristen I'm LSBVA on Xanga. These days I only use it for the big stuff. Medium posts are made directly on Facebook, and small stuff is done on Twitter. Xanga and Twitter both feed FB so it all ends up there.

Comment by Lance Buckley on April 26, 2011 at 6:41pm
Dammit... spoiler alert next time please.\


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