Don't you ever get that strange feeling that worlds have suddenly changed their meaning like Winning (because of Sheen) and Friday (because of R. Black).

I mean, this are common words, but when ever someone utters them I get this horrifying flashback of how you are minding your own business and the stupidity just forces it's way in, and then you become a part of this great carnival of stupidity we call popular culture. You just feel unclean like you are still a toddler with your dipper soiled and you are to embarrassed to tell any one, but they will soon notice the stench. 

I mean that in the sense that if you let anyone know that you actually know who R. Black or C.Sheen are you are just admitting that you are just a part of the stupidity, and probably stupid yourself, because you don't have better way of spending your time than watching what ever garbage is there to watch just because everyone else is watching it until you just start to repeat baaah-baaah.

And no one likes it! That's the biggest problem!

Soooo, this is my rant for today.  

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Comment by Albert Bakker on April 10, 2011 at 2:42pm

In turn this reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian where everybody in the crowd is repeating Brian that they're all individuals and that they're all different, except this one guy.


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