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Here we are again. Just after the delightful news of Gbagbo's custody and the freedom of the people of Cote d'Ivoire has finally been realized, the French president has decided to "ban the burka".

To offer my opinion, I think this new law is beyond stupidity to enforce this law on a religion. A RELIGION. I'm an Atheist, but at least I allow others to follow whatever they believe to be right. I enjoy debating those of the Christian faith (mainly because I haven't met anyone else who is of a different religion) and I know that they're not going to change my mind and likewise they know (and so do I) that their minds won't be changed.

The French President, Nicolas Sarcozy, has enforced a law onto everybody in the Islamic faith to stop following their beliefs about how to dress in public. Two Muslims have been detained after wearing burkas because it is what they believe to be right, according to their religion. Who is Sarcozy to say whether ANYBODY should be wearing anything they shouldn't be. Or, more to the point, how anybody should treat their beliefs in the public eye. Sarcozy has said that he has enforced this law because it restricts women's rights (as the husband of an Islamic woman often tells his wife to wear a burka). But, again, this is a part of their RELIGION. If it is part of somebody's religion that the woman listens to the husband most of the time, then let them live their life in that way. 

Now, Sarcozy has said, rather optimistically, that his new law will settle and the Islamic people who wish to wear the burka will get used to it. My theory is, IT AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN. Unless Sarcozy doesn't change the law soon, the protests will lead onto something more than two Muslims being detained. Sarcozy is creating a problem where there wasn't one in the first place. HE is restricting the rights of people and disguising it as being the other way round. The protests that have happened so far are just the beginning. Eventually, there will be riots because of this new law, that was foolishly enforced. And these riots will end up getting somebody killed. Good on the Muslims for protesting for what they believe in. If any Muslims or police officers get killed because of Sarcozy, then this brings in to question: "The Most Ludicrous President that has ever Lived?".

That will be a headline. I'm sure of it.


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