Fractals, Conciousness, and Existence

Fractals are the base of all creation. They are the blueprint that our universe was built from. Why then, would it not be the most natural thing in the world that everything conceivable is related in such a way, that it resembles a fractal?

When you look at a fractal, it has near photo copies of itself embedded in itself. Sort of like DNA for us. But in a fractal, every copy has a copy of itself, slightly different, embedded inside. This goes on, and on, and on...

Our genes are similar. They are passed on, from generation, to generation, changing slightly along the way. There are many things in life that are related,.. in more ways than I believe we are capable of conceiving. Similes work in almost the same way. Proverbs, even predictions, can be put in the same category.

Have you heard the one about the strong, sturdy tree, and the young, limber tree, both in the riverbed? The young tree aspires to one day be like the strong, old, sturdy tree. The strong tree takes a lot of pride in the fact he's grown to live so long, and become so big and strong. One day there was a big storm, with lots of wind, and a flood filled the riverbed. The next morning the young, more pliable tree had been pushed, and flowed in the direction of the water. It's branches stripped of leaves, and it's roots exposed. This tree was all but dead. The stronger, more sturdy tree had not a hope in the word. The wind and waters pushed it's arms, that would not move. They battered it's trunk, that would not move. They removed the soil under it's feet. It moved.

The lesson is that in life, it's easier to roll with the hard times. Don't let your ego grow to an unmanageable size. Don't let your pride grow so stiff as to let life push you over.

There are many lessons in this one story that can be applied to many aspects of life. That was just one story. There is another one almost like it, with slightly different lessons, written by the same author. This is one trait that a fractal shares. There are countless proverbs with countless morals embedded in them, that are reflected in other proverbs, connecting them all. Lessons can be connected the same way. Language, religion, art, science and everything all realms of science encompass, can be expressed in the same way. There are tiny copies of everything in everything, almost making up a universal DNA, almost leading to the assumption, that in theory the entire universe can be summed up with one little atom. Or better yet, One little equation.

The most cut-down explanation I can give, is if your hand is about to be bitten, you move it. If your hand is about to be burned, you move it. If your arm is about to be burned, you move it. If your arms are getting cold, you clothe them. If your feet are getting cold, you clothe them. If your feet are soar, your rub them. If your neck is soar, your rub it. Do you get where I'm going? Every thought can be connected to another thought based on words, emotions and experiences. That means that in theory everything in a persons memory can be expressed the same way as a fractal. There are copies of emotions in all memories. There are copies of colors in all those emotions. There are copies of words, people and everything you experience with a memory.

Another slightly different explanation is that an engine powers a car. Wind powers storms. So does hot air. Everything that needs power, is related in the fact that it needs power. Then there are the indirect connections as well. This then links many different power sources. This includes everything from gasoline, to food. Anything that produces energy can now be considered a source. This includes everything from life forms to stars. Here already, just by starting off with an engine, and a car, we have expanded our topic to include just about everything in the universe, in one way or another. This is just a very rough run through the entire journey, but it's only one small piece of the whole picture anyway.

Yet another explanation is in emotion itself. There is a whole spectrum of emotion. For black to white we'll say, as emotion can also be expressed by colors. Imagine your so scared you can't even move. There have been a few times in my life this has happened. All three of those memories are now linked via that specific instance. Being scared stiff has linked the huge dog, the scary guy in the monster suit, and night terrors. These memories being linked, also indirectly links the things associated with those experiences. Doberman, spinning ceiling fan, and haunted houses. This also links Halloween, with walking home from school, to sleeping with the door open. Which links everything with an open door, walking anywhere and all holidays. etc,... so on and so on, until it encompasses everything in existence.

The point is, everything is connected. Your consciousness, existence and even a fractal, a simple mathematical expression, are all connected. In fact, every instance, every single occurrence, can be connected to everything else in creation. My left shoe is connected to the Spanish Inquisition. Your most embarrassing moment is connected to an alien delicacy in a far away galaxy.

Every part of a fractal is unique to, and expressed by every other part of that fractal. A fractal can be infinitely magnified, and will always have an even smaller, slightly different copy of itself inside.

This is life. This is science. This is mathematics, physics, existence and consciousness.

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Comment by Kenndy on December 12, 2008 at 12:46am
Like this right? (I have yet to read the post yet)
Comment by Joe on December 12, 2008 at 1:07am
Yes,.. the mandlebrot set,.. that's exactly what I'm talking about
Comment by Kenndy on December 12, 2008 at 1:24am
sounds neat ill have to do more research into it.
Comment by Kirstin on December 12, 2008 at 5:43pm
"The lesson is that in life, it's easier to roll with the hard times. Don't let your ego grow to an unmanageable size. Don't let your pride grow so stiff as to let life push you over."

I like that.

I am still not sure even after watching the video what fractals is all about? :S
Comment by Joe on July 5, 2013 at 9:43pm

I can't imagine how baked I was when I wrote that. The thoughts are so broken up....

I simply must develop a more straight forward explanation.

I''m still madly in love with the mandlebrot set. I've golden ratios painted on my walls now in many different forms. It's almost an obsession, and I'm not sure at this point it's a healthy one.

Comment by Joe on July 14, 2013 at 1:06pm

Amazing zoom:) Thanks for that! I'm hoping with the advent of three dimensional data storage and it's adaptation to random access memory, we will be able to begin work on holographic fractals. 3d fractals! OMG! I just PEED a little bit! This just may be the most important thing in my life; the comparison of fractals to reality. There is certainly plenty to be said about it, and much work to be done. There is at the very least a book that should be written, maybe more. This is by far, my favorite topic above all others. Musical creation would be a close second:)

Thanks again for that link,... I'm going to go watch it again:)


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