For the lulz - HALLOWEEN AND Its HORRIBLE ROOTS Introduction


It seems we can no longer swing a dead cat in this country (the US) without hitting a religious extremist littering our public gathering places with poorly-written propaganda in an attempt to remind us any fun we may accidentally be having will send us immediately to the Flames of Hell.

Indeed, the family's most recent outing to the county playground was interrupted by a swath of these kind-hearted souls making a Sherman-esque march arm-in-arm across the fields, a ream of obnoxious orange flyers in tow.

Here is the complete text of the pamphlet entitled "HALLOWEEN AND Its HORRIBLE ROOTS Introduction" delivered with such loving care by a representative of "Iglesia De Dios Church of God" (we can all-too-clearly see their grasp of the details through the redundant name),

Please note that all grammatical errors and formatting are exactly as appear in the pamphlet. I did not change anything.




Many today have no ideal about the truths of Halloween.  For many it is just another National Holiday that is celebrated. An occasion for children & adults to

Dress up and portray characters of EVERY Kind. To display pumpkins aglow with candles, tell scart storyes. Dance around bonfires, and go door to door yelling "TRICK OR TREAR, or smell my feet, give me something good to Eat!", As we shall see Halloween and it's characteristics is not something that has arrived this Century. But has Diabolical Roots that reaches far back in history! Halloween is something a true child of God cannot participate in. Read 2nd Corinthians 6:14-18 as well as 1st Thessalonians 5:15-23 what is Halloween? All around the world on the 31st of October many children are turned out into the streets to parade door to door asking for candy. While in all reality, Halloween is a major satanic ritual day. A religious holiday, for the underworld. On this night world wide Satanist are performing sacrifices while true witches are in prayer circles summoning demonic personalities! According to the FDLE statistics on Halloween night, more missing persons reports are filled than at any other time of the year.

More bazaar murders are investigated that night than at any time of the year. Many have evidence of occult activities, ie. Grave robbing is a popular activity on that night. (Digging for Skulls) the police dread this night more than any other occasion of the year. How and where did it begin? We need to realize that everything in this world has a beginning and an end. The only thing that has never had a beginning and shall never have an ending is the God Which made haven and earth! (He has always been.)Therefore, it would do us well to know the history of those things that may come our way in our lives! As I endeavored to research the history of what we know now as Halloween. I was somewhat surprised to find that my search took me back to the period shortly after the flood!

In His book "The Worship of the Dead", J. Ganier suggests that celebrations can be traced back to the acnient destruction of the human race. Not celebrations of life but of suffering and Death! Read (Genesis 6:5,11,12) so we can see that wickedness abounded! The Jewish Encyclopedia says Nimrod was He who made all the people rebellious against God. Alexander Hislop (A Noted Writer), has written in detail of how Babylonian religion developed around the traditions of nimrod, his wife Smiramis, her child Tammuz. When Nimrod died his body was cut into four pieces, burnt, and sent to various parts of the world. The people of Babylon greatly mourned his Death! His wife proclaimed him now to be the "Sun God" (keep this in mind.) Therefore, Babylonian worship was carried on through mysterious symbols. Paganism was born! The Golden Calf was symbolic for Nimrod son! (What was made out of the jewelry of the Jews in the wilderness?) You got it a Golden Calf. The Dun god was symbolic for Numrod who later became Baal! Therefore, fire became his earthly representation. (Candles and bonfires were lit in his honor) (Keep this in mind.) Other forms of Nimrod; (Sun images, fish, trees, pillars, animals. Read: (Romans 1:21-26) Centuries later Paul gives a description. which perfectly fits the people of Babylon! The system of Idolatry spread from Babylon to other Nations, for it was from this location that men scattered over the face of the Earth (Genies 11:9) As they went from Babylon they took they're worship & various mystery symbold with them. So paganism and its Rituals were flourishing in the World. Note; from that time until the days of Christ the whole world was in spiritual darkness. With the exception of the Jews! Note; many people read the bible with tunnel vision and don't realize that there was life beyond the Middle East! The British Isles: Now we want to direct our attention to the region of the British Isles Scotland, Ireland. A time when the Roman Empire was in full rule. This was one of Satan's greatest strongholds. This certainly gives new meaning when Jesus said in 1st John 3:8 for this purpose was the Son of God manifested that I might destroy the works of the devil. Conclusion: What we know of the Druids comes from the recordings of Caesar and Roman Historians. Greek records from about 200BC and very early records found in Ireland in 47 AD the Romans finally conquered the Druids in England and outlawed human sacrifices. The Druids celebrated October 31st with many human sacrifices honoring the "Sun-god" (Nimrod) and Samhain ("Lord of the Dead")! They believed that sinful souls went to a place of torment and if Samhain were pleased with the sacrifices then he would release them! At the birth of our Natjion Historians tell us that the founding Fathers forbidder Halloween to be celebrated or observed by anyone! (Look at history records and read it for you.) And it was not celebrated until around the 1900's! Now our Nation has embraced this diabolical celebration whole-heartedly! In A USA today article it quoted Washington witch Bryan Sardan as saying, "They don't realize it but they are celebrating our Holiday with US...We like it!: But the True Child of God is not. My friend this is why we do not want you to have anything to do with Halloween! How about you have you touched the Unclean Thing?

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