…that he deemed that all are deserving of eternal torment. Look at the person on your left, your right, behind you, in the mirror. Picture them engulfed in the agony of never-ending fire. Picture yourself meeting that same fate.

What about your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, friends, family, coworkers, and even perfect strangers? Ask God, and he’d tell you that all deserve no less than endless torture.

Why? How could anyone deserve such a fate? In God’s eye, all it takes is simply being born. Yes, from the innocent newborn, to the kindly aged, the moment of birth somehow justifies this vilest of fates. Think of all those people I mentioned prior. Have any of them ever done anything, for which you would wish them to burn alive for all eternity?

What would it take for you to wish unending torture on another? Would it be enough if someone murdered your child or loved one? Or would their own death satisfy you? The point is that there are very few crimes that most people would append an eternal sentence to. Yet, that is the only sentence that the Christian god employs.

In the civilized world, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But that is not the Christian view of the world. All are guilty and deserving of the maximum sentence. This is true at the moment of birth. No matter if your future crime is minor, major or imagined. Who could call such a thing justice? Who would dare to call that love?

Nay, the Christian god is not one who speaks of love. And original sin does not help this vain deities cause. The supposed sin of Adam of Eve would have ended with their individual punishment with a loving god. Do we imprison a rapist’s child with him because of his father’s crimes? So why then, should we accept that original sin damns all to eternal agony in Hell?

The answer is simple. We should never accept such an answer. Christianity’s god is not one of love. Rather, he is cruel and is hungry for power and control. If he were real, such a god would not be worthy of worship. On the contrary, he would more resemble the evils he is said to oppose. So don’t buy into the fantasies that the Christian god is one of love. We know better and see him for the villain he truly is.

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