Flaws, flaws, flaws with the existence of god.

So I was on stumbleupon.com and came across a site with a story titled "A Feel-Good Story" and it was something about a 14 year old dog dying then the next day their 4 year cried a lot and missed their dog (natural human reaction to a situation as such). Then the girl said "can we write god a letter so when Abbey, the dog, got to heaven he would recognize her?" The mom said okay and the girl wrote a letter explaining how her dog died and sent a picture with it so that god would recognize the dog upon her arrival. Then they put the letter in an envelope that said "god, heaven" then put their return address. I thought that part was cute but this is what really surprised me. A few days or so after they sent the letter, they received a package wrapped in gold wrapping paper (a little cliche dont you think?). But inside was a book on how to deal with loosing a pet and a letter from god. The letter said that the dog was fine and that there is no need for bodies in heaven so they have no pockets to keep the picture in (thats not all it said but that was the just of the letter).


I read this than broke it down into realistic terms with the comment I posted saying "How convenient, 'there is no need for us to keep our bodies in heaven so I couldnt keep your picture'. Why dont I get a gold wrapped package with something inside? Im sure the delivery man knew EXACTLY where to send that letter. How did the letter even get to 'heaven'? If his excuse for not keeping the picture is 'we dont need bodies' (therefore all they need is their 'spirits' so in retrospect they cant even obtain a material object) then how did he get the paper to write on? How did he get the pencil? (assuming he used a pencil, if not then how did he get the computer and printer?) Someone is doing the Santa Claus tactic!".


Its kinda cute in a way but do we really need to teach our youth lies like these? I mean, when we got old enough our parents told us that Santa isnt real, or we just found out ourselves. Reality set in and it suddenly hit us...."Its impossible for one man on a sleigh with flying reindeer to deliver everyone presents in one night!" Why cant we grasp the fact that god was built on a similar concept? Its mind-boggling that we once believed in something as ridiculous as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy at such a young age but yet, we have grown adults out there that believe all this, the universe, was created by one being who came from nothingness, or so it seems.....hopefully we can put god in the category we put Santa and all those other holiday mascots in.

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Comment by Rev. Chris Pagan on June 16, 2011 at 1:36am
While I don't agree with the indoctrination that this is teaching, it is kind of a cute story. I don't have kids, so really the best way I would of gone personally is just to let the kid know the truth.
Comment by Seth Jon Nonnemaker on June 16, 2011 at 11:31am
I agree with you, yea its cute and all but there are other ways to teach this kind of stuff without religion. The truth is always the best way to go and to lead this child on with saying "god wrote you a letter once and sent you a book in a package wrapped in gold wrapping paper" is just absurd.


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